Elevating Industries Through Cutting-Edge Training and Competency Development Programs

Omnex offers training and competency development programs for various companies in Automotive, Electric & Autonomous Vehicles, Aerospace, Medical Devices, High-Tech / Semiconductors, Telecom - SCS 9001 / TIA, General Manufacturing, Cybersecurity Frameworks / Standards and other manufacturing sectors. Omnex knows the management systems, methodologies, technologies, and standards that are constantly changing in your business.

Omnex is the leading provider of performance-focused training to both the manufacturing and service sectors, regularly conducting public and in-company seminars on many subjects. Omnex has more than 240 workshops that are being conducted worldwide. The training workshops are available in more than a dozen languages and dialects. Every month, Omnex trains more than 1000 people worldwide. Many of our workshop training programs are accredited worldwide by renowned bodies such as Exemplar Global, IRCA to name a few.

Training and Personnel Certification

  • Exemplar Certified Training

Competency-Based Personalized Learning Model

  • Training is provided as “Personalized Learning focused on competencies”, employing technologies involving Virtualization, Collaboration, Digitalization, and Integration. Omnex uses the latest learning methods so that each competency and learning objective is tracked using pre-tests, concept quizzes, and final exams. With no pass or fail, this approach places learners on a journey of “self-fulfillment".
  • Courses regularly involve a mix of E-learning, Competency testing, Lecture, and Hands-on exercises.
  • Omnex training is provided by established Subject Matter Experts, often the “writers of the standards” themselves.
  • Training will include a “Digital Collaboration Platform” software tool, so teams can conduct breakouts collaboratively.

Accreditations/Certification Bodies

Omnex worldwide training is regularly evaluated and certified by governing bodies like Exemplar Global & IRCA. If you are a Lead or Internal Auditor, you can be confident that you are receiving auditor training that has been certified or approved and that meets customer-specific requirements.

About Omnex Instructors

With an average of 30+ years' experience in their industries of specialty, our trainers teach you the latest innovations, techniques, procedures, and systems that they are deploying with our current consulting clients.

On-Site Training/Workshop Approach

On-site training courses are delivered to your team, at your location, on your schedule, without sacrificing your organization's project plans. This training method eliminates your travel-related expenses and it offers the convenience of arranging the training to fit your time constraints. If your goal is to train five or more employees in the near term, then on-site training generally is your most cost-effective strategy.

On-site training allows you to focus course content on the issues that are affecting your organization today. This level of personal attention cannot be accomplished through public seminars, videos, or any other training option. The on-site allows you to dive deeper into your most important corporate issues and determine their root causes.

Omnex Center of Excellence for E-Learning (CoEE)

CoEE focuses on Personalized Learning, Distance Learning, and Virtual Classrooms using the Omnex LiveLearn Platform.

Virtual Learning & LiveLearn

Omnex E-Learning LiveLearn
Omnex E-Learning LiveLearn

Project-Based Workshop Approach

Many companies find that a traditional training-based approach is less-than-effective for participants' ability to learn. The Omnex Project-based Workshop is only taught by educators and trainers who have extensive and in-depth knowledge of product and process engineering. In fact, our educators/ instructors have an average of 30+ years of industry experience.

This project-based workshop approach has two major advantages:

  • Your investment in training is measurable when the project is completed.
  • By the end of the workshop, the participants can successfully manage a project they choose under the direction of Omnex consultants. This results in substantial business improvements even while people are still in training, and helps your employees develop self-sufficiency. The project-based workshop approach provides the ultimate in value, cost savings, and profitability.