Omnex Software & Hardware - Product Design

Product design focused on Electric, Autonomous, and ADAS, specializing in functional safety, cybersecurity, SOTIF, and ASPICE hardware and software design.

Omnex R and D Prototyping

R&D, Prototyping

Omnex Design can help you with a Proof of Concept or a quick prototype. Not sure if that Radar chip is suitable for your application? Or you do not know what safety level you need to pick for your microprocessor? Let Omnex Design help you by doing the necessary research and expeditious prototype! Many times, a proof of concept- PoC, quick design and study will unveil a lot of information.

Omnex Architecture and Requirements

Architecture and Requirements

Besides the correct item definition and high-level functions, Omnex Design could help with correct high-level architecture and requirements, so the flow-down process is smoother and easier to trace.

Omnex Schematics Capture and PCB Design

Schematics Capture and PCB Design

Are you in a rush or with limited resources? We can help with schematics capture and PCB design with many on the market packages (ex. Pads, Orcad, Altium). We will also review your designs as a second set of eyes for functional safety. It is highly recommended to have a thorough audit for these work products to avoid road bumps down the line.

Omnex Design Life Cycle and DFMEA

DFMEA, Life cycle, Cost, Alternative Suppliers

Many times DFMEA, HARA, reliability calculations, can be intimidating. In the FuSa context, they are critical for traceability and for the correct implementation of the safety goals. A good design process and analysis could yield lots of saving in the determination and allocation of ASILs. Omnex Design can help you create clear and crisp documentation for your safety case, either in an excel format or with a software tool.

Omnex Certification Services

Certification Services

With a presence in all parts of the world, Omnex Design can help understand requirements or certify your design for global markets.

Omnex Software Design Requirements

Requirements and Specifications Definition

High-level software requirements are exceedingly important in the context of 26262 and 21434. All requirements and specifications need to flow down and be traceable to specific code, succeeding that they then need to be tested at various levels. A HIS (A Hardware Software Interface) needs to be defined at this stage of the process. Often, we find this as a hardware pinout definition table, however, this is the wrong approach. All are complex documents and they follow a complex process. Any shortcut or shortcoming will be very easy to unveil during a proper audit. We can help you draft a correct HSI Document.

On top of these, do not neglect the IATF or specific customer requirements; nor complex security keys management arrangements. With the advance of 5G networks, these requirements coupled with each country's restrictions on the network make the wording and management of high-level architectural specifications very complex and convoluted. Having broad experience with various customers and technologies, Omnex Design can streamline this complex regulatory and safety process.

Omenx Design Offshore Software Testing

Offshore Software testing dedicated group

Software development can oftentimes fall behind or have a scope creepage beyond the time allocated. Omnex Design has a seasoned group of software people in North America and in other foreign offices that can support your group at any time, on the fly. Whatever the project, we have someone in our team that worked with similar technology and can help on short notice.

Omnex Design Software and Firmware Development

Software / Firmware Development

Testing is a very important aspect of our design activities and of the V model, used in the ISO 26262, 21434, ASPICE standards, we treat these activities with utmost importance. A common practice is to allocate 3-5 people in QA for each coder and we anticipate this number to be increasing in the future. The QA team is an integral part of Omnex Design and they are kept up to speed with all the latest in the industry. Also, being overseas in India, allows Omnex to offer around-the-clock software services. Allow Omnex to perform rigorous testing of any software to expedite your development.

Omnex Cybersecurity Design Experts

In-house standards experts

Over the past several years, we have seen an increasing need and interest in cybersecurity. In the Omnex organization, we are fortunate to have a series of experts in cybersecurity. Our experts are known teachers, instructors, and writers of the standard. They are key consultants with experience in developing cybersecurity cases and high-level requirements and tests. Let us help you implement the first steps to ensure your cybersecurity.

Omnex Cybersecurity Case Development

Cybersecurity Case Development

Developing a Cybersecurity CySe Case can be an intimidating process. The fact that cybersecurity is a long-term activity requires a proper DIA with all the parties. Calculating and allocating CALs is not a comfortable process without proper experience. The cybersecurity case has to be part of the integrated functional security case and the SOTIF. We have extensive experience in the management and design of such products and we can offer valuable implementation assistance.

Omnex Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions (Hardware & Software)

Need a secure boot loader? Need a Crypto key management process? Have a design and found out that it needs to be ISO 21434 compatible? Call us, we can help!

Omnex Design Assessments, Audits and Robustness Testing

Assessments, Audits, Robustness Testing

Assessments and Audits are an integral part of the process. Nothing is more eloquent or respected by a customer than an external auditor. Omnex Inc. and their technical arm, Omnex Design, can do both Audits and Assessments coupled with testing advice, traceability verification, and much more. Many Tier-1s, who outsource design activities, trust Omnex to check the DIAs, Purchase Orders, Work Products, and more as part of their due diligence process.

Omnex Design Training and Competency Development

Team Training and hand holding

Omnex is best known for their training core competence. Over the years we have developed thousands of courses for all verticals. We have been particularly successful in developing a series of courses for Functional Safety and Cybersecurity. From a short webinar- to a one-day course- to a full one-week certification- we have them all. We also have courses for internal auditors, ASPICE, SOTIF, Semiconductor safety, hardware safety design, STPA methodology, just to name a few. Today all courses are taught online and attended in groups of 8-10 students. Additionally, they are taught globally with regional headquarters on most continents. Courses are developed by standards subject matter experts, individuals that have written the standards. Omnex Design enhances their expertise by using technical and design experience in the field.

Omnex Design ISO Assessments and Audits

ISO Assessments and Audits

Some of our most important activities are the Implementation Gap Analysis, Customer Audit and Assessments, and Reporting. We have now released the Functional Safety Module for our flagship software product, EwQIMS, and now we can use it for documenting a full safety case

Omnex Design Case Development Support

Case Development Support

Have you designed something new or do you have a legacy product but have recently found out about FuSa and CySe requirements? No need to panic- it is not the end of the world…. Let Omnex Design help you migrate your existing products to ISO 26262 and ISO 21434