What is Supply Chain Security Management System

  • The TIA QuEST Forum announces the launch of the SCS 9001TM R2.0 Supply Chain Security Management System. SCS 9001 is a security standard that provides benefit to any organization operating a modern network of any type. It allows network operators to evaluate their understanding and implementation of security practices as well as building confidence in the inherent security of the products and services being delivered by their suppliers and through-out their complete supply chain.
  • SCS 9001 is a comprehensive global standard that is network, technology and device agnostic and can be applied to many applications such as traditional wireline service providers, mobile network operators, cable companies, cloud service providers, data centers, satellite communications, smart buildings, and the Internet of Things industry.
  • The SCS 9001 standard defines the requirements for a Supply Chain Security Management System. Security requirements in this context refers to controls, and measurements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of hardware, software, and services. SCS 9001 includes performance-based measurements that quantify reliability and supply chain security performance of these products and services.
  • The level of detail provided in this standard will help organizations implement and enable auditors to audit specific requirements. It will also alleviate many security concerns by allowing the OEMs and the general public to develop trust in Information and Telecommunications products that certify to SCS 9001.
  • Omnex offers an exclusive selection of three training courses that are useful for individuals considering going through the certification process.

*** We are in the process of updating the SCS 9001 training courses with new content related to Release 2.0 of the standard. Please check back here for available dates and to register. ****

Who Needs to Attend the Workshop?

  • Individuals interested in learning about the standard are encouraged to complete the on-demand Introductory course.
  • Organizations seeking certification are encouraged to complete the Introductory and Implementation courses. If an organization decides to self-audit, we highly recommend completing the Auding course.
  • Auditors :- Successful completion of the above 3 courses are mandatory to be accredited.

SCS 9001 Certification

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All attendees must purchase their own copy of the standard for use during these training courses. A reference copy will not be provided by Omnex. To purchase your copy of the standard please click here: Buy The Handbook Here