• The TIA QuEST Forum announces the launch of the SCS 9001 Supply Chain Security Management System standard. Supply Chain Security is a key need for all industries, especially the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industries.
  • SCS 9001 is the most comprehensive standard that includes both infrastructure and product cybersecurity standards.
  • Omnex is the exclusive provider of four training courses required as part of the certification process.
  • The SCS 9001 standard defines the requirements for a Supply Chain Security Management System, including mandatory measurements. Security in this context refers to both Information and Product Security. In other words, the security of the IT Assets in the organization, as well as the security of the products that are designed and manufactured, including ITC security services. When the SCS 9001 standard references “security” it is actually referring to “Supply Chain Security.” This means the SCS 9001 standard is a supply chain standard for the ITC Industries as a whole.
  • Certification to this standard also requires certification to ISO 9001:2015 or an equivalent standard, e.g. TL 9001, AS9100D, or IATF 16949:2016.
  • The level of detail provided in this standard will help organizations implement and enable auditors to audit specific requirements. It will also alleviate many IT security concerns by allowing the OEMs and the general public to develop trust in Information and Telecommunications products that follow SCS 9001.

Who needs to attend the workshops:

  • Registrars and their auditors :- Successful completion of 3 out of these 4 courses are mandatory to be accredited to audit this sector.
  • Consultants, QA, SQ Managers & Implementation team members: Successful completion of 3 out of these 4 courses and recommended attendance of all 4 classes.


  • Get accredited TIA QuEST Forum certification, exclusively available only from Omnex
authorized training provider

All attendees must purchase their own copy of the standard for use during these training courses. A reference copy will not be provided by Omnex. To purchase your copy of the standard please click here: Buy The Handbook Here