ISO/FDIS 21448:2019 (SOTIF)

SOTIF refers to the intended functionality and shorthand for the new ISO/FDIS 21448 international standard. The SOTIF Standard covers the safety of autonomous vehicles, incorporating AI and ML ideas that both contribute to safe driverless vehicles. SOTIF refers to the reasonably anticipated misuse of the driver's function and functional inadequacies or performance limitations of vehicle subsystems.

The rapid advancement of autonomous vehicle technology has proven tricky for automakers ; they must reconsider safety requirements from various angles. Self-driving vehicles have a bright future, but the technology that employs complex and driverless vehicles can be fatal, despite extensive safety checks. As SOTIF is projected to be a generally accepted industry standard, applying it to autonomous vehicles will considerably eliminate such hazards.

SOTIF examines performance limits or a lack of situational awareness, in the presence or absence of reasonably anticipated misuse. ISO 26262 addresses only functional safety issues caused by system failures; it does not address safety risks that do not occur as a result of system failures. As a result, ISO/FDIS 21448 must be implemented.

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