Chad Kymal, CTO & Founder

Dear Omnex Partners,

Omnex is excited to launch our new website ( and would invite you to take a look.

Omnex has pioneered an integrated approach across various industries including employing various services that are key to success in delivering Safety, Security, Quality and Performance management. Omnex’s mission is to support OEMs and Tier Ones, whether you are currently serving the existing market or if you are a new entrant into one of the latest, like the Electric - Autonomous Vehicle industry.

We have been elevating performance of our clients and assisting a wide scope of industries, including Automotive , Aerospace , EV-AV , Medical devices , and Semiconductor/high-tech in the effective deployment of leading-edge solutions and technologies. We believe we have identified the solutions for these industries clearly in the new website where it will be easier to find answers to your needs - Training and competency development, Implementation and coaching, Digital collaboration software platform, Product design, Quality outsourcing services.

Omnex will be introducing a number of new technologies into our training and onsite implementations including Personalized learning with AMPLE LIVE LEARN, IoT Solutions for TPM & factory controls, and the Connected Factory. Some of these technologies will help your work today and others will have an impact very soon. We take great pride in the direction our Digital collaboration platform, powered with EwQIMS, is going, with unleashing the power of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Mobility, and Cloud-based solutions.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your continued support to Omnex. We have enjoyed being a part of your success over the years and are incredibly proud of customers like you who make our jobs such an enriching learning experience.

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