ISO 50001:2018 for Energy Management Systems

The ISO 50001 standard is intended to design, implement, and maintain energy management systems. In response to a request from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, ISO 50001, a vendor- and technology-agnostic approach to corporate energy management, was created. The goal of the standard is to assist businesses in developing and implementing an energy management system. In addition, ISO 50001 will help an organization make better use of its existing energy-consuming assets, improve transparency, and communication about energy consumption, promote energy management best practices, and prioritize energy-efficient technology deployment.

A framework for applying technical and management techniques that will considerably reduce energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions over time, is indeed an energy management system. The formulation of an energy policy, objectives for improving energy efficiency, a timeline with target dates for accomplishing objectives, and an action plan that outlines how the organization's objectives will be fulfilled, are all system components.