OMNEX-I-IoT provides integrated solutions with the latest Disruptive Technologies and Industry 4.0 to have fact-based data in real-time for better Operational control of Machines, Materials, and Products.


– Know your Asset health conditions

Omnex has been an expert in TPM for more than 25 years. TPM Solutions are not easy to implement. Omnex understands TPM standards from hands-on experience with our clients. Understanding the TPM workflow & selecting the right physical parameters to be measured for ongoing monitoring is the first critical step. There is no single solution that fits all machines or companies. Monitoring critical parameters for the longevity of machines, quality of parts, and also the sub-systems of machines is an essential part of implementing the TPM-I-IoT solution.

Our solution includes:

  • Real-time checks of critical parts and health parameters
  • Predictive or proactive maintenance by I-IoT sensors
  • Improves the reliability of machines and operates safely
  • Reduce downtime and cost

Material Management I-IoT

– Understand your real-time process ratio for improvements
Omnex Material Management I-IoT

Many organizations are implementing IoT solutions in the shop floor. Omnex’s Material Management solutions- Track-me and Track-bit will help you conduct a complete time and motion study, Cycle Time improvement, Value Stream Improvement, and overall improvement of shop floor discipline. We also have solutions that go beyond IoT and use GPS/Mobile Data to bring visibility of the Cold and Hard chain with our Lean- I-IoT solutions.

Benefits of our solution:

  • Real Time Checks Real-time checks
  • Immediate Actions Taking immediate actions on time
  • Improves Inventory Improves Inventory turns
  • Robust Material planning Robust material planning

Quality Maintenance I-IoT

– Understand variance at the source of inspection
Quality Maintenance I-IoT

Real-time product inspection and test data of critical characteristics for proactive quality management is a significant value add for companies who want to catch defects or abnormalities.

We understand the quality standards and operational controls in the manufacturing process in order to have the best-automated inspection and test I-IoT solutions. What makes our solution even more beneficial is that it is backed with statistical input data for product quality analysis.


  • FTP improvement Improves First-time pass or through (FTP or FTT)
  • BIQ Facilitation Facilitates for BIQ
  • Real Time Process Comprehensive real-time process capability (Cp-Cpk)
  • Control Plan Ensures control plan implementation

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