Gate4SPICE Event “Role of ASPICE in Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cybersecurity Standards” – Online Event

Companies implementing ISO 26262 Functional Safety, ISO 21448 SOTIF and ISO 21434 Cybersecurity will need to leverage ASPICE in their respective implementations. ASPICE is often seen as a standard for “Embedded Software”, and that is indeed true, but important to note that ASPICE includes Software processes, System Processes and so on. 9 out of 16 processes in what is known as the “VDA scope” is in the current Automotive QMS IATF 16949 standard. ASPICE forms the basis for the implementation of Functional Safety, ASPICE, and SOTIF in the Systems and Software areas. In fact, most of the processes in ASPICE are already present in both Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Standards.

How should organizations best leverage ASPICE?  Various Standard Committee members and Experts provided the role of ASPICE in:

  • ISO 26262 FUNCTIONAL SAFETY AND ISO 21448 SOTIF – Greg Gruska
  • IATF 16949 AUTOMOTIVE QMS – Chad Kymal
  • ISO 21434 AUTOMOTIVE CYBERSECURITY – Dr. Juan Pimentel
  • ASPICE – Micael Edvardsson, Prabhu Seshadri, Mike Down, and Nikhil UnniKrishnan
  • MODERATOR – Dave Watkins

Please note, attendees are eligible for EE-AC or -EP certification (Experience Evidence Active-Contribution (for Speakers) and External Passive (for attendees) ) through participation.

This event was held in English language.


10:00 AM EDT Welcome and Introduction to the Gate4ASPICE Event Chad Kymal, CTO, Omnex Inc.  5 Minutes
10:05 AM EDT ASPICE Processes Introduction and Integration with the Organization’s Processes Prabhu Seshadri, Mike Down 25 mins
10:30 AM EDT Does IATF 16949 Require ASPICE? Chad Kymal 30 mins
11:00 AM EDT Q&A  with ROUNDTABLE- ASPICE and IATF Moderator: Dave Watkins; Mike Down, Prabhu Seshadri, Chad Kymal 30 mins
11:30 AM EDT Break   15 mins
11:45 AM EDT How ASPICE Influences ISO 26262 Functional Safety and SOTIF Standard’s Implementations Nikhil Unnikrishnan, Gregory Gruska 30 mins
12:15 PM EDT Embedded Software and CALs in Cybersecurity Dr. Juan Pimentel 30 mins
12:45 PM EDT Q&A  with ROUNDTABLE- ASPICE influences on ISO 26262 and Cybersecurity Moderator: Chad Kymal; Gregory Gruska, Nikhil Unnikrishnan, Dr. Juan Pimentel 30 mins
1:15 PM EDT Break   15 mins
1:30 PM EDT Implementing Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity Nikhil Unnikrishnan 30 mins
2:00 PM EDT Should ASPICE Standards Change? Micael Edvardsson 30 mins
2:30 PM EDT Q&A with ROUNDTABLE- ASPICE and Cybersecurity Moderarator - Chad Kymal; Micael Edvardsson, Nikhil Unnikrishnan 30 mins