Agile APQP is a revolutionary NEW Product Development method that will reduce your development time, increase your organization’s design and development skills, and meet customer requirements. It’s changing the way new product design (NPD) is being done to deliver traditionally APQP, PPAP requirements and customer needs more quickly and effectively. Companies in today’s fast-paced and competitive market need to work swiftly and adapt to new requirements and technology trends in order to sustain and prosper in business. With consumers around the globe demanding that innovative products be released faster, product designers need to stay ahead of these expectations and their competition. More today than ever, products that take multiple years to develop run the risk of being obsolete before they enter the marketplace.

When Lean Product Development integrates with Agile APQP sprint teams, the result is significantly shorter development cycle times and reduced new product introduction risk.

Application of AGILE APQP

So how exactly is Agile revolutionizing New Product Development and APQP? Agile techniques are used to deliver APQP inputs/outputs to produce “Shippable” products or PPAP delivered in iterative sprints. Agile APQP includes the core elements of agile product development as an entirely new process having APQP methods in a traditional way. Product Development (PD) is a very essential tool and is the lifeblood contributing to a company’s success. Today, product life cycles are shrinking due to an ever-increasing number of competitive and disruptive products coming to market quicker. To stay in business your Product Development needs to become more efficient, more effective, and faster.

Omnex methodologies will introduce you to a revolutionary Product Development method that will reduce your development time, increase your organization’s design and development skills, and meet customer requirements.

Benefits of Advanced Product Quality Planning

Agile Product Development has enabled tech companies to successfully design, test, and release products more quickly and effectively than traditional waterfall methods. Agile APQP incorporates the core elements of Agile product development methodologies into traditional APQP. Our team of experienced professionals will show you how the core elements of Agile are adapted and applied in traditional APQP product development environments.

The new and exciting way to plan, design, develop and deliver products in today’s accelerating product environment includes workflows, work products, program control methods, roles, and responsibilities in order to provide you with a robust APQP.

Traditional APQP Methodology


Agile Approach - Every Sprint Starts with Planning for the Sprint

Agile Approach


Agile APQP is an adaptive approach to Advanced Product Quality Planning tailored to the fast-paced and evolving nature of EVs, AVs, and the automotive industry. It emphasizes flexibility and quick responses to changes in product development. And provides the product develpment process for integrating software development embedded in EV/AV systems by applying agile techniques within proven product development program control methods.

Agile APQP is crucial for EVs and AVs due to their rapid development cycles and dynamic technology landscape and the need to deliver functional software and hardware meeting today's safety requirements. It helps manufacturers stay agile and responsive to changing market demands and emerging technologies by reducing wasteful redesign and rework in the PD process through focused development and design methods.

Key principles include improved program control from iterative integration of product elements through cross-functional collaboration, real-time communication, and the ability to quickly and effectively address issues arising from changing requirements and technologies. Customer focused, team-based, functional requirements based, fast and effective product development and issue resolution, along with product integrtion lead the way to low rework and reduced product quality issues in the field.

Agile APQP is a process to deliver high standards of quality and safety with processes and methods that focus on timely and continual identification and resolution of issues or risks associated with new technologies and evolving regulations. The Agile APQP focus on requirements that drive design, reduces costly and time consuming rework in the product development process with more robust design results

By applying Agile APQP techniques, suppliers will be able to more readily adapt to changing or unclear customer requirements and be more responsive in product design and technology while keeping costs under control. It provides a process for collaboration and adaptability among supply chain partners and the OEMs.

The Agile APQP process can be adapted to suit the needs of large scale, mature product development organizations as well as startups. It is a scaleable process that can fit into a variety of organizational cultures and working evironments. Large or small scale, one site or multi-national high integrated organization can all benefit from Agile APQP methods for their prodcut development and design needs.