Webinar : Conducting Virtual APQP Program Assessments on Suppliers

Date & Time : Thursday, March 4, 2021, 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Even in the current world climate companies need to continue monitoring and developing critical suppliers. However, companies may not always be able to do that in person. For this reason, the importance of an Advanced Quality Planning Process (APQP) is more critical than ever. The question is- how do we perform these tasks? The answer is- performing a virtual assessment of the supplier’s APQP program.

Omnex PlanTech has worked with several major manufacturing companies, and their suppliers, to develop and implement APQP programs. As the manufacturing industry continues to move forward, the necessity to effectively drive APQP throughout the supply chain continues to increase. APQP has a significant impact on quality, delivery, and productivity. These programs facilitate the development of robust business strategies throughout the supply base.

This webinar will address some best-in-class methods and solutions for developing, implementing, and assessing APQP/PPAP systems at the supplier level. Our goal is to illustrate the benefits of APQP/PPAP within the supply base, highlight methods for virtual assessments, and communication. Please join us for a discussion on how Advanced Quality Planning in the supply chain can benefit your organization.

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