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The New ISO 26262 FDIS, 2nd Edition

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Webinar Title : The new ISO 26262 FDIS, 2nd edition


ISO 26262:2018 is currently in a FDIS state. This new 2018 revision is expected to be released later this year. What has changed in this new second edition of ISO 26262 and how will it impact you?

At a high level, the standard has added a Part 12 on Motorcycles, a Part 11 on Guidance on Semiconductor Development and has integrated specific requirements for Trucks, Buses, and Trailers / Semi-Trailers throughout. Additionally, there are several key changes organizations needs to recognize such as a scope change in ISO 26262 where it now include “all road vehicles.” The standard also references cybersecurity in Part 2: Management of functional safety and includes an Annex E (informative) Guidance on potential interaction of functional safety with cybersecurity. The standard does not address the nominal performance of E/E-Systems and, specifically, the safety of autonomous vehicles that are not caused by malfunctions. However, this will be addressed by ISO/PAS 21448 or SOTIF (Safety of the Intended Functionality). SOTIF and ISO 26262 will impact all parts of the Automotive Supply Chain.

There are many changes in the second edition of ISO 26262, such as:

  • Part 1: Vocabulary is expanded to include terms dealing with Trucks and Bus, Motorcycles and Semiconductor
  • Part 2 now includes Impact Analysis whether new development or modification
  • Impact Analysis always requires I3 independent confirmation review
  • Assessments and audits are better explained
  • Part 5 expands the description and development of random hardware failure metrics PMHF.
  • Dedicated measure is required irrespective of the PMHF calculation method for ASIL C & D:
  • Part 8 has additional discussion on the qualification of software tools which is a big change from the previous edition.
  • And other changes will be identified in this webinar.

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