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Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change Through Business, Leadership and Innovation

Webinar Title: Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change Through Business, Leadership and Innovation

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This webinar with world leading expert on sustainable business, Dr Wayne Visser, will unpack the essential messages of his new book, Sustainable Frontiers, which throws down the gauntlet to business to step up and be the catalyst for a sustainable future. Using leading edge cases, Dr Visser will present the eight keys to unlocking transformational change, namely:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Enterprise reform
  • Technology innovation
  • Corporate transparency
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Social responsibility
  • Integrated value
  • Future-fitness

Far from being another tame review of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business initiatives, the webinar (like the book) will dispel the myths of sustainability and challenges us to let go of old systems – and old approaches to sustainable business and social responsibility – that are failing to deliver economic, social and environmental transformation.

About Wayne Visser

Dr. Prof. Wayne Visser is Director of the think-tank and media company, Kaleidoscope Futures. His work as a strategy analyst, sustainability advisor, CSR expert, futurist and professional speaker has taken him to over 70 countries in the past 20 years to work with over 130 clients, ranging from companies like Coca-Cola, Dell, DHL and HSBC to international organizations like the UNEP, the World Bank and WWF. Wayne is the author of 23 books – including his latest, Sustainable Frontiers – and a guest columnist for The Guardian newspaper. He has been recognized as one of the world's top 48 'thriveability' leaders, a top 100 influencer on Twitter in CSR and sustainable business, a top 100 thought-leader in trustworthy business and a top 100 global sustainability leader. Wayne is the Founder of CSR International and previously served as Director of Sustainability Services for KPMG and Strategy Analyst for Capgemini in South Africa.

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