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Reviewing the Enhanced FAI

Webinar Title: Reviewing the Enhanced FAI

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Key changes in the new AS9100 Rev C standard may appear simple. However, one key factor frequently being overlooked involves Risk Management. How does your organization plan on handling Risk Management, Analysis and Flow Down?

Many Aerospace companies are adopting Risk Management and prevention-oriented techniques called Advanced Quality Planning (AQP). For example, Bombardier, working with Omnex, launched an AQP program both internally and to their suppliers on the CSeries aircraft program in October, 2010. Since then, similar programs have been adopted at other Aerospace companies including United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) and Parker Aerospace (Parker Hannafin).

Omnex is continuing its multi-part webinar series in order to help you understand these changes:

  • Understand the AS9100 Rev C standard and implications for your organization
  • Understand the concept of risk management
  • Management and analysis of your risk

Omnex continues the Aerospace Risk Management and Analysis Series with a webinar on Reviewing the Enhanced FAI. We will review a high level overview on how to determine if all program requirements and documentation have been properly implemented and completed, and that the production process has the potential to meet these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate. This webinar addresses the application of the knowledge captured in S/DFMEA and PFMEA related to risk assessment, including the cascading of risk information to critical part requirements.

Previous webinars in this Aerospace Risk Management series include Advanced Quality Planning and Disciplined Gate Approach to New Product Development, Design Tools Including SFMEA / DFMEA and Associated Tools, Process Tools Including PFMEA and Associated Tools, Risk Assessment, Characteristics Designation and Flow Down, and Planning and Conducting the Enhanced FAI.

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