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ISO 26262 Collaboration Project Under Consideration

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Webinar Title:ISO 26262 Collaboration Project Under Consideration

Ann Arbor, MI – Omnex, Inc., the leading innovator of new product launch and engineering software solutions, announced today that they began a preliminary review process to determine the feasibility of an ISO 26262 Functional Safety Collaboration Project with multiple automotive companies. The project code name is simply “the26” and is based on the strong interest several companies have shown for Omnex’s functional safety expertise and its ability to improve the functional safety of many companies in the automotive industry.

“Functional Safety is a top priority for all manufacturers that are embedding software in their final product,” stated Chad Kymal, Chief Technology Officer, for Omnex. “After several years of research & development, Omnex has started to show functional safety business processes and software prototypes to the marketplace. The response from these companies is that they do not have the time or resources to develop this knowledge independently.”

Several companies have suggested Omnex lead an ISO 26262 Functional Safety Collaboration Project that would bring together the best automotive industry innovators to work together and create a world class process, including training and software tools. These companies have stated that they are having problems finding people with ISO 26262 expertise, finding ISO 26262 training, and finding software that leverages the existing APQP infrastructure to enable the ISO 26262 implementation as part of an overall new product development information system. This problem is also challenging due to pending changes to ISO 26262 that are due in 2018. Another aspect of Omnex’s strong 26262 advantage is being part of the ISO 26262 committee and having direct knowledge of the committee’s vision and ideas.

The trend of companies helping software suppliers is increasing, as recently reported by Automotive News, GM agreed to shoulder a portion of the development costs with a technology supplier. This trend leads the development team at Omnex to expect support for this collaborative ISO 26262 functional safety project, which includes consulting, training, and a very generous enterprise software license that includes supplier access.

Omnex will be scheduling meetings with the top automotive companies’ executives over the next few weeks and is expected to make a formal announcement at the 5th International USA ISO 26262 Conference to be held in Rochester, Michigan in June.

Want to Learn More? A 30 Minute Executive Briefings have been scheduled to provide more information on this subject and to obtain market feedback on the potential cooperative organizational structure and objectives.

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