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The Significance of ISO 26262 - Functional Safety Analysis in Automotive Vehicles and Systems

Webinar Title: The Significance of ISO 26262 - Functional Safety Analysis in Automotive Vehicles and Systems

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Most Automotive OEMs are starting to require ISO 26262 for the New Vehicles they are designing. ISO 26262, which is the Functional Safety Analysis standard comprised of 10 parts, will be released shortly; but even before its release, it is widely being used by European and US Automotive companies. It is being adopted by many Tier One automotive organizations who are finding ISO 26262 conformance a requirement in their Request for Quotes. ISO 26262 requires that suppliers for sub systems, hardware, software and including Semiconductor components meet ISO 26262 requirements. Customers for Electronics including PCB and semiconductors are being required to be ISO 26262 compliant.

The integration of software with hardware was highlighted in the Toyota sudden acceleration incident. Most Automotive CEOs and Boards have taken the concept of functional safety to heart and see newly developed electronics and electronic controls, software, and sensors as fraught with risk to their organizations and have been encouraging the use of risk mitigation steps with the implementation of ISO 26262 and the Automotive ASIL levels.

It is clear ISO 26262 is here to stay. Join us for a free presentation that explains the ISO 26262 standard and a call of action to those in charge of New Product Development, Functional Safety or Quality.Use of software for implementing ISO 26262 will also be discussed.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction and Overview to ISO 26262
  • Management of Functional Safety (Part 2)
  • Documentation Management System: Part 8 � Clause 10
  • Technical Level Development
  • Metrics and ASIL Driven Tables

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