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AS9100 Rev C and Risk Management in the Aerospace Industry

Webinar Title: AS9100 Rev C and Risk Management in the Aerospace Industry

Cost: Free

Webinar Recording: AS9100 Rev C and Risk Management in the Aerospace Industry

Key changes in the new AS9100 Rev C standard may appear simple. However, one key factor frequently being overlooked involves Risk Management. How does your organization plan on handling Risk Management, Analysis and Flow Down?

Many Aerospace companies are adopting Risk Management and prevention-oriented techniques called Advanced Quality Planning (AQP). Omnex has been launching AQP programs, both internally and to suppliers at major Aerospace organizations such as United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) and Parker Aerospace (Parker Hannafin)since October, 2010.

In order to help you understand AQP programs, Omnex is offering a free webinar that offers insight and knowledge regarding the use of prevention-based techniques used for an on-time and low PPM product launch. These techniques include Project Planning, Project Reviews, Risk Analysis and Manufacturing Feasibility Risk Analysis, as well as conducting Project Reviews and planning for overall Project Reviews and Project Scorecards. AQua Pro � AQP software first introduced in the 1980s and used by thousands of companies worldwide � will be discussed as an important tool for implementing Risk Management in Aerospace organizations. Most importantly, AQP saves money. Using AQuA Pro, the software allows for the reuse of risk management by product and process families to reduce risk management costs in new product development.

Webinar Agenda

  • Overview: Advanced Quality Process and Phase Gate Reviews
  • Risk Management
  • AQP Core Activities and Deliverables
  • Production Part Approval Process: AQP/FAI

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