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Implementation Challenges of Aerospace

Implementation Challenges of AS9100:2009, AS9110:2009, AS9120:2009 and AS9101:2009

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AS9100:2009, Quality Management Systems Requirements for Aerospace, Defense, and Space was released earlier this year and AS9101:2009, Quality Management Systems Assessment will be released shortly - potentially as soon as this week. The goal of these releases is to dramatically raise the "On-Time and On-Quality Delivery (OTOQD) performance" in the Aerospace, Defense, and Space Industries, which will directly impact the implementation as a whole.

The objectives of AS9100:2009 are to:

  • Incorporate ISO 9001:2008 changes
  • Expand the scope to include aviation, space, and defense as well as land and sea based systems for defense applications
  • Ensure alignment with IAQG strategy (OTOQD)
  • Adopt new requirements based on stakeholder needs
  • Improve existing requirements where stakeholders identified a need for clarification, including when a documented procedure is required

There are major changes to the AS9100:2009 release that affect how companies implement AS9100 for the first time or upgrade from a previous version of the standard:

  • A customer focus on OTOQD
  • A significant focus on Planning and Project Management including characteristics flow down
  • A significant increased role for risk management and mitigation
  • Changes companies need to focus on from ISO 9001:2008
  • A major change in the auditing from a "checklist focus" to Performance Auditing from AS9101

Join us for a free webinar highlighting the key changes and the challenges of implementing AS9100 Rev C, AS9110, and AS9120. AS9101 is undergoing balloting right now and will most likely be released shortly. AS9101, in turn, not only introduces significant changes to the internal auditing process, but also raises the bar and introduces key changes to the AS9100 implementation. Join us to discuss this and other changes to the Aerospace series of standards:

  • Objectives and Goals of the current revision to AS9100 Series
  • Key Drivers for Change
  • Key Changes and its implications
    • Becoming Customer Focused
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management
    • Changes to Auditing AS9101 and its implications to the QMS design
  • Getting ready and Next Steps

If you are looking for the information you need to get started on your upgrade to AS9100 Rev C be sure to register today!

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