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How Agile Is Revolutionizing New Product Development and APQP

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Webinar Title : How Agile Is Revolutionizing New Product Development and APQP

Date & Time : November 8, 2018: 7am (EST).


Product development (PD) is the lifeblood of a company’s success and is the process for innovation. Today, product life cycles are shrinking due to an ever increasing number of competitive and disruptive products coming to market quicker. To stay in business your PD needs to become more efficient, more effective, and faster. This webinar will introduce you to a revolutionary Product Development method that will reduce your development time, increase your organization’s design and development skills, and meet customer requirements. The process is Agile APQP. It’s changing the way PD is being done to deliver traditional PPAP requirements and customer needs more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.

Agile APQP incorporates the core elements of Agile product development into a new approach to traditional APQP methods. Agile PD has enabled tech companies to successfully design, test, and release products more quickly and effectively than traditional waterfall methods. This webinar will show you how the core elements of Agile are adapted and applied in traditional APQP PD environments. The workflows, work products, program control methods, and roles and responsibilities will be covered in this 30 minute introduction to this new and exciting way to plan, design, develop, and deliver products in today’s accelerating product introduction environment.

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