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Trainings Within Industry (TWI)

Focusing on the training to power up the ability for first-line supervisors, Training within Industry (TWI) is now considered as the corner stone for lean production, and as the secret ingredient to corporate continuous improvement culture. The theory of TWI could be traced back to 1920’s in Great Britain, and then has been adopted by the US army during the WWII. In 1950, TWI landed on Japan, and initially found it fully deployed in Toyota, Toshiba, Mitsubishi among others. In 1955, Japan Industrial Training Association (JITA) was assigned by the Japanese government to promote the TWI as compulsory for onsite managers.

Up till now, more than 10 million onsite managers in Japan have taken the TWI courses. Nowadays, TWI has been recognized not only in Japan but also in European countries, US, Korea, Taiwan and others as effective training sessions for first-line supervisors.

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Trainings Within Industry (TWI)

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