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TWI – Job Instruction (JI)

Seminar Content

This 2-day training session is accredited by TWI, which is specialized for first-line supervisers on the basic knowledge and skills on the job. Management, in terms of the working environment, equipment and production among others, should be in line with humanity, to which first-line management is the fundamental. Whether the first-line supervisers are devoted or not would have great effect on the management efficiency. So training for these people would underpin the management framework, through which corporates will have a reinforced management team in analysis, problem solving with better ability of insight, judgment, integration and communication so that corporates will have better chance to reduce the possibility of occupational accident, waste, rework and non-conformed products and to slow down the depreciation of tool and equipment.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for First-line Managers and Intern Managers.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

With the intergration of easy-to-know theory and abudant case study and practice enhance the trainees understading

Seminar Materials

Each trainee will get a training manual, a group practice handbook and a selecting case study.

Seminar Outline

  • Speech of management representative
  • Self introduction of instructor and trainees
  • Brief intro of TWI history and the training
  • Definition of first-line superviser
  • Production and relevant issues
  • 5 essentials for first-line supervisers
  • Why the training is a must?
  • Demonstration of error instruction (2 examples)
  • Demonstration of correct instruction
  • Establishment of 4-Phase Model
  • Card distribution and illustration
  • Volunteer drill – 1st
  • Work breakdown of bulb-knot tying
  • Work breakdown of volunteer drill
  • Illustration of key points and steps
  • Interning of work breakdown for all trainees
  • Summary of work breakdown
  • Illustration of 2 preparation items and drill
  • How to make Training Schedule
  • Drill on Training Schedule for all trainees
  • Volunteer drill – 2nd
  • Issuing of Training Schedule
  • Instructing method drilling
  • Special instructing method
  • Summary – how to launch and propel TWI


  • Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of QMS and manufacturing process, line supervisers prefered.

Training method:

  • Hands-on cases illustration
    Hands-on cases in corporate process control are used to illustrate the principal, steps, and precautions of TWI.
  • Group case practicing
    Trainees are to be grouped up and practice to have a better understanding of the training contents and to master the specific requirement and the application in process control.
  • Training assessment:
    Attendence and the trainees’ involvement in discussion will be considered in the assessment inculding:
    • Good class questioning
    • Discussion and knowledge sharing
    • Involvment in group practicing


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