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ISO/TS 16949 Auditor Handbook

Chad Kymal"s book - "The ISO/TS 16949 Auditor Handbook: Process Approach Auditing for the Automotive Industry"

The ISO/TS 16949 Auditor Handbook: Process Approach Auditing for the Automotive Industry In straightforward language, The ISO/TS 16949 Auditor Handbook explains the automotive standard's requirements and outlines the most effective auditing techniques for organizations registered to ISO/TS 16949. The automotive process approach to auditing is presented in manageable sections that follow a logical, step-by-step format. Auditors are walked through a typical audit from start to finish; flowcharts, ready-to-use forms, and annotated templates are included. This essential handbook will help auditors improve and prioritize their audits based on customer requirements and business performance.


  1. History of Automotive Quality Requirements
  2. Understanding ISO/TS 16949
  3. Understanding the Automotive Process Approach to Auditing
  4. The Process Focus
  5. The Customer Focus
  6. Understanding Audit Trails
  7. Stage 1: Readiness Review
  8. Stage 2: On-site Audit
  9. Appendix A: Process Assessment Audit Trails and Worksheets
  10. Appendix B: Advanced Auditing for ISO/TS 16949
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Find detailed information about:

  • ISO/TS 16949 auditing requirements
  • Automotive process approach
  • Evaluating the customer focus
  • Four critical automotive audit trails
  • Elements of the readiness review
  • Conducting an on-site audit

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