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Sustainable Frontiers

Sustainable Frontiers - By Wayne Visser

“Omnex’ Vice President of Sustainability Services, Wayne Visser has recently published a book entitled Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change through Business, Leadership and Innovation. Wayne’s highly important book Sustainable Frontiers throws down the gauntlet to business to step up to be the catalyst for a sustainable future. It presents eight keys to unlocking transformational change – through leadership, enterprise, innovation, transparency, engagement, responsibility, integration and future-fitness. Far from being another tame review of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business initiatives, the book dispels the myths of sustainability and challenges us to let go of old systems that are failing to deliver economic, social and environmental transformation. It gets to the heart of why the sustainability and CSR movements have failed in the past and offers a new view of how sustainable business practices can shape-shift to make a genuine difference inside and outside organisations. The book gathers together experiences from across the globe and shows to the reader what can be achieved with the right vision and leadership. Expect to be challenged, engaged and inspired to join the revolution on the sustainable frontier.

Sustainable Frontiers

Watch Review by Chad Kymal

“Dr. Wayne Visser has written an immensely informative and enlightening book. It is easy to read and introduces complex subjects in a simple, easy to understand format. It is at the same time profound, cutting edge, and thought provoking. I highly recommend his book for both novices and experts. Experts will greatly enjoy Wayne’s thought provoking leading edge discussions. As someone who has worked improving Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, businesses and business leaders will be wise to pay attention and focus on sustainability and social responsibility. As we say at Omnex, “Sustainability is the next quality.” I highly recommend Dr. Wayne Visser’s book Sustainable Frontiers.” -Chad Kymal, CTO Omnex
For more information, review or to purchase Sustainable Frontiers, please visit: http://www.sustainablefrontiers.net


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