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Software Class Evaluation Comments

  • "The templates for APQP and PPAP will help as we work through QS-9000. Clearing up the product family definition and explaining the dynamic template will help tremendously in our quest for QS-9000."
  • "I am more confident in finding controls and changes and understanding their impact on the various documents."
  • "AQuA appears to be a very powerful tool. It also appears that AQuA takes customer feedback to heart and actively works at meeting customer needs." - Brady Kattman
  • "The speed at which the seminar was at a pace to keep everybody interested and learning content was good."-P. Gardner
  • "Good session-much more helpful than calling for tech help. I now understand." - M. David Adler
  • "Great class! Instructor put forth TONS of energy into class, cares a lot about us as students, made concepts easy to understand."
  • "The instructor did a real good job teaching the class and the information was easy to follow and understand."


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