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The Hitachi Cable Story

Enterprise-wide software solutions are just starting to come out on the market. The Omnex Systems EwQMST Suite may be the answer to what companies are looking for one package for all of their quality management needs. Companies today are tired of addressing their documentation; auditing and measurement systems analysis needs by stringing several packages together, and organizations that have locations around the world are looking for Internet-based solutions like EwQMS T. The EwQMS T solution allows the organizational entity and the supply chain to act as a cohesive whole. How does this work? Read the Hitachi Cable Story below. Though this implementation is in its infancy, the potential is huge.

Savings with AQuA

Hitachi worked with Omnex because of the large savings they got while using Omnex Systems' AQuA software. Hitachi Cable had been using AQuA software since May 2000. Greg Walts, Quality Manager at HCI, found AQuA "user friendly and powerful" to use. By the end of 2000, Greg had documented over $200,000 in savings using AQuA.

Hitachi QMS Strategy

Hitachi Cable Indiana along with other Hitachi Cable companies were looking for a system to

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  1. bring standardization to their quality systems worldwide,
  2. allow communications between companies concerning quality matters by using the Internet, and
  3. help information travel more easily. Also,
  4. Hitachi management was seeking an efficient means of obtaining critical performance measurements for each operating unit.

Due to their experience with AQuA, it seemed natural for HCI to expand their involvement with Omnex Systems by implementing its EwQMS software. What surprised them was the relative ease with which Omnex Systems got their implementation going. While most of the time it takes weeks or months to install new software and convert existing systems, Omnex Systems told Greg that the web installation would take one day and that Audit Pro and Document Pro would take a day each to get up and running. So in a matter of three days the core of the EwQMS suite would be functional.

Omnex Systems purchased the server and configured the system for Hitachi. Next we carried the software and hardware to Hitachi and installed it that day. In two more days, we uploaded the existing documentation to Document Pro and got Audit Pro up and running.

Omnex delivered on its promise. Greg says, "We found the software to be very user friendly, with no so-called 'bugs' in the software. The software required very little additional programming to meet our company's specific requirements. Basically, the software can be loaded 'off the shelf' and it becomes functional immediately."

Chad Kymal, Omnex Systems President, says, "We run against competitors that give quotes where the set-up and implementation costs for the software are much larger than the quote for the software itself. On the other hand, Omnex Systems can typically get a company up and running and the documents converted in a day. On top of that, we don't need to customize the programs. Why? Quality and quality systems are Omnex's business already. The flexibility is built in to accommodate most organization's quality systems. We not only accomplished it at HCI, we just did it again in a Lear Seating plant last week."

At HCI Omnex's web-based solution has been a major boon. Greg Walts says, "Document Pro and Audit Pro are both web based software packages. Our desire to use the Internet for global communications will make it much easier to achieve our intercompany goals. We envision an audit program that will be used by all of the satellite companies at one time." HCI is still in the process of implementing Doc Pro, Audit Pro, and BOSS to their fullest potential. Their implementation of the AQuA software helped them to realize a savings of $225,000. The initial estimation of the savings for the suite will definitely be at least that much, if not more.

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