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Design for Sixsigma (DFSS)

Seminar Content

This 5 days course is AIAG approved training. The training explains the core knowledge of DFSS as well implementation process and tools application. DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is the important methodology applied in new product design process, which is based on the data analysis and statistic and combined with creativity skills and robust design. It starts from the adequate identification of customer requirements and converts to corresponding engineering matrix and specifications, and then optimizes and standardizes the design to ensure the flawless product or service delivery to market.

Who Should Attend

Top management of Design Function, R&D Director/Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Design Engineer, Six Sigma BB/GB and any Product/Service Design Related Staff.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive extensive DFSS training material. The certificate will be issues per training and test evaluation per Omnex requirements.

Seminar Outline

Stage 1: Identify Opportunity

  • Courses Introduction
  • DFSS Introduction
  • Identify Opportunities
  • DFSS Project Selection
  • DFSS Best Practice
  • DFSS qualification certification and project close.

Stage 2: Define Needs

  • Define Customer needs
  • Kano Model
  • Customer Loss Function
  • QFD House of Quality
  • Identification Concept

Stage 3: Develop Concept

  • Creativity Techniques
  • TRIZ
  • Pugh Concept Selection

Stage 4: Design Optimization

  • Optimization
  • Robust Assessment
  • Robust Assessment Case Study
  • Parameter Design Process
  • Parameter Design Case Study
  • Optimum Strategy
  • Taguchi DOE Application
  • Non-Linear Response
  • Nose Management Strategy
  • Optimum Exercises
  • Optimum Case Study
  • Quality Loss Function
  • Tolerance Design
  • Tolerance Design Case Study

Stage 5: Verify Implementation

  • Verification Case Study
  • DFSS Process Summary
  • Project Final Publish

Course Goals

  • After the DFSS training, the participants will be able to apply the DFSS method and tools on daily design process to achieve the high quality and low cost robust design, thus dramatically reduce the cost of corrective action and customer rejection due to product defects after volume production launch.


  • Participants should have basic knowledge of statistic and product design process.

Training methodology

Breakout Exercises

  • The exercises will be conducted during each training stage to practice DFSS, and also to evaluate the understanding of the training courses.
  • The purpose of breakout exercises is to develop skills of DFSS by having individuals or teams working on practical situations

Evaluation of Individual Participation

  • Attendees will be evaluated on class participation, which encompasses the following aspects:
    • Asking meaningful questions in class
    • Sharing professional experiences
    • Taking an active role in team exercises
  • Effective class participation provides the attendee with opportunities to demonstrate practical understanding of DFSS


  • Certificate will be issued within 1 month after satisfied participation, training performance evaluation, final test and project completion.


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