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QS-9000 TE Supplement Series

QS-9000 TE Supplement Series

TE Supplement defines the fundamental quality system expectations of Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Truck Manufacturers and other subscribing companies for internal and external suppliers of production, service parts and materials. These companies are committed to working together to ensure customer satisfaction, beginning with conformance to quality requirements and continuing with reduction of variation & waste to benefit the customer, the supply base and themselves.

  • QS 9000, in conjunction with ISO 9001/9002, is applicable only to suppliers of production parts/materials/production services to the automotive supply chain.
  • QS 9000 is not applicable to Tooling manufacturers/Equipment manufacturers, catering to the automotive industry.
  • Chrysler, GM, Ford have come out with a TE supplement to QS 9000 for interpreting the basic principles of QS 9000 requirements to manufacturers of Tooling and Equipment
  • Presently we have the second edition of TE supplement (June 98)
  • A Tooling/Equipment manufacturer can get 3rd party registration to QS/TE supplement, but this has not been mandated by the big three.
  • TE supplement supersedes Chrysler's 'TESQA Manual' and Ford's 'F & T QSS'.
  • A major aspect of focus in the TE supplement is the effective use of 'Reliability and Maintainability' concepts using 'Total Life Cycle Costing' for Tooling and Equipment.


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About QS-9000 TE

Quality System Requirements, QS 9000 was developed by the Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Prior to this event, companies used to stipulate their own expectations for supplier quality systems and the corresponding assessment documents. In course of time there arose a need for standardizing the whole procedure. more...

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