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Training and Workshops Overview

Project-based Workshop Approach

Many companies find that a traditional training-based approach is less-than-effective for participants' ability to learn. The Omnex Project-based Workshop approach can only be taught by educators/trainers who have extensive and in-depth knowledge of product and process engineering. Our educators/instructors have that experience and are used to working directly with those who make the most profound organizational and commercial decisions in an organization. This project-based workshop approach has two major advantages:

  • Your investment in training is measurable when the project is completed.
  • The participants successfully manage a project under the direction of Omnex consultants.

This results in substantial savings even while people are still in training, and helps your employees develop self-sufficiency. The project-based workshop approach provides the ultimate in value, cost savings and profitability.

Lean/Six Sigma Workshop Approach

Lean/Six Sigma (LSS) deployment is a company wide strategy to achieve breakthroughs in areas such as productivity improvement, PPM reduction, lead time and cycle time reduction. Although training is an important facet of any deployment strategy, the key to successful implementation is the creation of a sustainable infrastructure. Effective deployment requires that top management understand and "buy into" the LSS concept. Omnex is a pioneer in the project-based approach to integrated Lean/Six Sigma.


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