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The Omnex Priority Training Client Program

Over our 30+ years history, Omnex has learned from our key clients how difficult it is to procure and manage training services. Many times, you find yourself working with multiple vendors in various locales, who have very limited areas of expertise; and once you do get courses scheduled with a vendor, often the course gets cancelled due to low enrollments.

To solve this problem, Omnex created the Priority Training Client Program. Omnex Priority Training Clients receive:

  • Priority access to Omnex's 550+ trainers worldwide.
  • Customized training course schedules that are tailored to Priority Training Clients individual date, time and location needs.
  • Onsite training course content tailored to meet the particular business objectives of the Priority Training Client.
  • Access to our online, web-based and multi-media learning resources.
  • Access to our automated corporate training management outsourcing service.

To understand the breadth of training knowledge available to your organization please visit our Training Offerings page. In addition to the courses listed, we have over 100 other other classes available to suit your business needs.

To discuss arrangements for a membership in this program and to arrange for custom tailored training, contact the Omnex Business Development team at sales-us@omnex.com or (734) 761-4940 in the US.


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