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Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Overview
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Overview

Seminar Content

PPAP is the benchmark production material qualification process across manufacturing sectors, first introduced by the automotive sector and now adopted by aerospace and others. This one-day overview focuses on the automotive version, showing how PPAP is the culmination of the Advanced Product Quality Process (APQP) and providing a detailed examination of PPAP requirements. Participants will have a unique opportunity to assess an actual PPAP package during the seminar and determine if it meets PPAP requirements. Participants will also understand the importance of customer-specific requirements as they apply to PPAP and review some examples.

The approaches discussed and employed in this course are consistent with the intent and requirements in the PPAP 4th Edition Reference Manual issued by FCA, Ford and General Motors, published by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

Who Should Attend

  • Persons who have direct responsibility for preparation, assembly or review of PPAP components or packages.
  • Design, Quality, Supplier Quality and Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Auditors and those responsible for subcontractor PPAP documentation.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Participants should possess a general knowledge of quality systems.

If desired, Omnex clients hosting this course at their site may use one of their own PPAP packages for the in-class assessment.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual. Generic case study materials used for the PPAP assessment may also be included.

Seminar Goals

  • Participants will understand and be able to list PPAP requirements.
  • Participants will be able to explain the purpose of PPAP levels and the relationship between APQP and PPAP.
  • Participants will be able to assess a PPAP package for conformance to PPAP requirements using a checklist.
  • Participants will be able to explain when the customer should notified of changes.
  • Participants will be able to identify all aspects of an initial production run.

Seminar Outline

  • Introduction to PPAP
    • PPAP in a QMS
    • Managing Changes and Submissions
    • Submission Levels
    • Record Retention
    • Significant Production Run
  • PPAP Submission Elements
  • Requirements and Deliverables
  • Product Design Elements
  • Manufacturing Process Elements
  • General Elements
  • Part Submission Warrant and Status
  • Assessing a PPAP Package

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