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Seminar Content

This 1 day course introduces content and requirements of IMDS, and EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) as well as Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL). The course also explains the application of IMDS in automotive industry. The training explains the IMDS implementation process, such as data Input, Receive, Search, Modify, Send, etc, through rich cases from North America with practical operation presentation, such as plastic parts, metal parts, electronic parts as well as corresponding assembly parts. The course also explains the evidence requirements of IMDS during PPAP submission. The IMDS review and management of supplier's submission are also covered by this course.

Training Features

Combining rich cases from Omnex as well as from actual floor, introduce in details the requirements and operations of IMDS, especially in automotive industry, such as IMDS evidence preparation for PPAP submission.

Who Should Attend

Project Manager, Design, Quality, Purchasing, and person responsible for IMDS and PPAP, as well as APQP team

Seminar Materials

Omnex Training Material with case studies as well as exercises.

Seminar Outline

  • ELV Introduction: End-of-Life Vehicle Directive
  • ELV Objective
  • ELV Scope
  • Prevention
  • Collection
  • Treatment
  • Reuse and Recovery
  • Coding Standard and dismantling information
  • Report and Information
  • Entry into Force and Implementation
  • Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)
  • GADSL Objective
  • GADSL Application: Criteria/Classification/Reason Codes
  • GADSL Validity
  • Change Management Process
  • Listed substances
  • IMDS Introduction
  • Scope, Objective, Terms, Structure
  • System Requirement
  • Security
  • IMDS Application: Data Input, Accept, Search, Modify, Send
  • IMDS - Get Started
  • IMDS - Registration Introduction
  • IMDS - Menu Introduction
  • IMDS - Product Tree Creation: Part, Material, Basic Substance, Semi Component/Module (Tree Creation)
  • IMDS - MDS Creation
  • IMDS - Substances Search
  • IMDS - Material Creation/Search
  • IMDS - Component Creation
  • IMDS - Material/Component Internal Propose
  • IMDS - Material/Component External Propose
  • IMDS - Receive/Accept/Reject
  • IMDS Application (Cont.): Data Input, Accept, Search, Modify, Send
  • IMDS - Module Creation
  • IMDS - Other Actions
  • IMDS - Analysis
  • IMDS - Administration
  • OEM IMDS Requirements:
  • IMDS Evidence in PPAP
  • IMDS Report Output
  • IMDS Report Forward
  • IMDS Evidence Requirement of PPAP
  • IMDS Case Study (specific cases could be added per customer requirements)
  • IMDS Case - Plastic Parts
  • IMDS Case - Metal Parts
  • IMDS Case - Electronic Parts
  • On-site IMDS Q&A and consulting available.?

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Basic knowledge of production process and PPAP.

Seminar Goals

  • Understand EU ELV Directive requirements and relationship with IMDS.
  • Understand requirements of Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).
  • Understand IMDS requirements, including OEM requirements, such as GM, DCX, FORD.
  • Develop the skills of IMDS application, such as data Input, Receive, Accept, Search, Modify, Send, etc.
  • Develop the knowledge of supplier IMDS review and assessment.
  • Understand the IMDS evidence preparation for PPAP submission.


  • Team Exercises
    • With the team exercises to improve the understanding of training content, IMDS requirements and application
  • Training Evaluation:
    • Attending rate and participation, include:
  • Meaningful questioning in classes
  • Discussion involvement and knowledge sharing
  • Effectively complete the operation of IMDS submission and management
  • Graded Exercises
    • To evaluate the training effectiveness with Graded Exercises
  • Final Evaluation
    • Final Test with grading, evaluation and follow-up improvement


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