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Permaculture Design by Darren Doherty

1. Urban Gardens with Permaculture Design by Darren Doherty, World’s leading Permaculture Design Expert (Free Seminar)

If you are interested in organic home gardens join one of the world’s leading permaculture design experts in this one hour free seminar on what is possible with permaculture design in the home garden. Learn about water conservation, water harvesting, guilds, biodiversity, zoning, composting, stacked enterprises and other permaculture concepts that will allow your garden to increased yield and produce year after year for your family. The seminar will make you ask fundamental questions of what is a good garden – vegetables and flowers in separate beds, straight rows, only one type of vegetable or flower planted together and so on. Permaculture concepts will ask you not to till your garden year after year and to let your garden grow more naturally with less interference with nature’s natural course.

2. Successful Farm Enterprises using Permaculture Design by Darren Doherty, World’s leading Permaculture Design Expert (Free Seminar)

The US public sentiment is moving towards fresh organic foods grown close to their homes. Industry analysts estimate that U.S. organic food sales were $28 billion in 2012 (over 4 percent of total at-home food sales), up 11 percent from 2011 according to the USDA. As this shift takes place, farmers are left with making hard decisions on whether they should change from their current farm practices to organic farming and if they did change, how they should do it. Second, the average age of American farmers is approaching 60, often with no familial heir(s) to carry on the family farming tradition. Darren offers financial and ecological planning to transition farmland for the next generation. This one hour free Seminar by one of the world’s leading Permaculture Design Experts will show farmers the steps they have to take to convert their farms into a Stacked Permaculture Enterprise that maximizes produce and profit in their farms. Darren works with families and land-owners to increase the land's value through holistic management of both the land and the land's economic potential. The lecture will discuss the concepts with many practical examples. Darren Doherty has worked on over 1600 sites and 100s of farms. Come share his learning and enthusiasm for farms and permaculture design practices.


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