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Understanding, Documenting and Implementing ISO 26000

Understanding and Documenting ISO 26000

Seminar Content

This two-day seminar provides an understanding of the ISO 26000:2010 requirements and a comprehensive overview of how they apply to the design of a functional and effective Social Responsibility Management System. This course examines all elements of ISO 26000 and incorporates a comprehensive approach to implementing Best-In-Class Systems reflecting the intent of ISO 26000. Social Responsibility Management Systems may not only integrate with EMS, but also with Energy Management (ISO 50001), Carbon Foot Print measurement and Zero Carbon as well as the Global Reporting Initiative or GRI.

Who Should Attend

ISO 26000 implementation teams, functional managers and environmental management professionals such as Owners, CEOs and Quality Managers, should attend this seminar.

Recommended Training and/or Experience


Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual.

Seminar Goals

  • Identify the key requirements of ISO 26000
  • Explain Documentation for Social Responsibility
  • Elevate ISO 26000 awareness level
  • Understand ISO 26000 elements
  • Familiarize with ISO 26000 intent and key requirements
  • Understand the registration process
  • Understand ISO 26000 relationships to worldwide standards and government regulations

Seminar Outline

  • Background to Sustainability Standards
  • ISO 26000 and its Relationship to ISO 14001, Sustainability, Carbon Footprint, ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standards and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards
  • Introduction to ISO 26000 and Definitions
  • Understanding ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
  • Integrating ISO 26000 Social Responsibility with ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 EMS Standards
  • Risk Management for Social Responsibility
  • Documentation of Processes for Social Responsibility
  • Implementation and Roll Out
  • Integrating Social Responsibility Audits with QMS and EMS audits
  • Reporting the Triple Bottom Line – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Understanding, Documenting and Implementing ISO 26000

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