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Understanding HACCP

Seminar Content

Omnex is an Exemplar Global-certified training provider and offers this two-day course under the TPECS scheme meeting the knowledge competency requirements for Developing HACCP Plans. This seminar fully covers the HACCP requirements and provides a comprehensive discussion of the requirements for a HACCP plans.

Attendees who successfully demonstrate competence during this course will achieve a Certificate of Attainment for the following competency units:

  • Exemplar Global-HP

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for Food Quality Assurance Managers, Food Safety Implementation Team Members, and Management Representatives.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

A general understanding of HACCP is recommended.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual.

Seminar Goals

  • Define Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • Describe the legal and ethical aspects of HACCP.
  • Apply HACCP implementation steps 1-12 based on Codex or NACMCF guidelines.
  • Develop a HACCP plan.
  • Write a procedure for reviewing a HACCP plan.

Seminar Outline

Day One

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Prerequisite Programs (PRPs)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) – Codex Alimentarius
    • Breakout Exercise 1: Identify Prerequisite Programs
    • Breakout Exercise 2: Product Description and Intended Use
    • Breakout Exercise 3: Process Flow
    • Breakout Exercise 4: Hazard Analysis
    • Breakout Exercise 5: Hazard Plan
    • Breakout Exercise 6: HACCP Plan
    • Breakout Exercise 7: Putting It All Together
    • Breakout Exercise 8: Design Review Based on Hazard Analysis


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