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Understanding and Documenting FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Systems and HACCP Plans

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Seminar Content

Omnex is an Exemplar Global Certified TPECS provider for Exemplar Global-FS Competency Units. This seminar fully covers the ISO 22000:2005 requirements and provides a comprehensive discussion of the requirements for a Food Safety Management System under the FSSC 22000 certification scheme. It also covers effective approaches to documenting, developing, implementing or just upgrading a food safety management system to meet the requirements of FSSC 22000 and the operational objectives of the company. The development of HACCP Plans will also be discussed.

Attendees who successfully pass the exams during this course will achieve a Certificate of Attainment for the following competency units:

  • Exemplar Global-FS
  • Exemplar Global-HP

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for Food Quality Assurance Managers, Food Safety Implementation Team Members, Management Representatives, and Internal Auditors.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

A generalunderstanding of ISO 22000:2005 is recommended.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual.

Seminar Goals

  • Identify food safety hazards that are reasonably expected to occur for the food type/industry.
  • Assess the significance of identified hazards in the context of the organization’s food safety management system.
  • Assess the effectiveness of methodologies to control food safety hazards.
  • Identify all integrated schemes and procedures used by the organization to achieve food safety objectives.
  • Determine the adequacy and effectiveness of a food safety scheme.
  • Understand the application of HACCP theory and principles to individual food businesses.
  • Understand the application of food safety management systems as it relates to ISO 22000.
  • Define Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • Describe the legal and ethical aspects of HACCP.
  • Apply HACCP implementation steps 1-12 based on Codex or NACMCF guidelines.
  • Develop a HACCP plan.
  • Write a procedure for reviewing a HACCP plan.

Seminar Outline

Day One

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • The Challenge for the Food Sector
  • Overview of FSSC 22000
  • Understanding ISO 22000:2005 Requirements
    • ISO 22000:2005 Clause 4
    • ISO 22000:2005 Clause 5
    • ISO 22000:2005 Written Exercise 1: Module A
    • ISO 22000:2005 Clause 6
    • ISO 22000:2005 Clause 7
    • ISO 22000:2005 Written Exercise 1: Module B
    • ISO 22000:2005 Clause 8
    • ISO 22000:2005 Written Exercise 1: Module C

Day Two

  • Prerequisite Programs and HACCP
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Product Description and Intended Use
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Process Flow
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Identify Prerequisite Programs
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Hazard Analysis

Day Three

  • Prerequisite Programs and HACCP (continued)
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Hazard Plan
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: HACCP Plan
    • HACCP Breakout Exercise: Putting it All Together
    • Written Exercise 2
    • Written Exercise 3: Critique a HACCP Plan
    • FSSC22000 Breakout Exercise: Documentation Review


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