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ISO 22000:2005 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 22000:2005 Lead Auditor Training

Seminar Content

This course is for Lead auditors for any organization in the food chain. This seminar fully integrates ISO 22000:2005 requirements throughout the entire five-day seminar. Presentation materials are supported with real-world examples and exercises for service companies.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for Management Representatives, ISO 22000:2005 Implementation Teams, Internal Auditors and others who would like to develop judgment and decision-making in ISO 22000:2005 and learn the auditing process for first, second, and third party auditors.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

An extensive understanding of the ISO 22000:2005 requirements and/or work experience in applying ISO 22000:2005 is required.

Seminar Materials

Seminar manual with case study and guide for auditing all requirements of the Standard

Seminar Goals

  • Understand ISO 22000:2005 Audit Trails
  • Understand and create audit plans
  • Apply decision-making skills on the ISO 22000:2005 Standard in a wide variety of audit situations

Seminar Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • The Challenge for the Food Sector
  • Key Elements, Food Chain and Interrelated Standards
  • The ISO 22000 Standard Explained
    • Family of Standards
  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements
    • Exclusions
  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements: Clause 4
  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements: Clause 5
  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements: Clause 6
  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements: Clause 7

Day 2

  • Overview of ISO 22000:2005 Requirements: Clause 8
  • Introduction to ISO 22000:2005 Audit Trails
    • Documentation Review
  • Management of Audit Programs
  • Audit Planning and Preparation
    • Scope and Objectives
    • Audit Plan
    • Quality Audits

Day 3

  • Performing the Audit
    • Opening Meeting (conducted in Chapter 10)
    • Conducting the Audit
  • Writing Nonconformity Statements
    • Writing Nonconformities (using CARs)
    • Identifying Nonconformities

Day 4

  • Closing Meeting
    • Summary Statement
    • Closing Meeting
  • Completing the Audit Report
  • Corrective Action and Close Out
    • Verification and Closeout
  • Review

Day 5

  • Review
  • Presentations and Feedback
  • Final Exam

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