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FMEA Update(with update pending vs. 4 release)

Seminar Content

Addresses Concept, Design and Process FMEAs that broaden the scope of the this recommended technique used for identification of potential failure modes. Also emphasizes the interfaces and interactions of the components, systems and subsystems, how they are directly connected, and how they interact with the surrounding environment. The use of Teams and Tree Arrangement is reemphasized. General guidelines are given and intended to cover situations normally encountered when preparing FMEAs during the various phases of the analysis (2-Day seminar).

Who Should Attend

Knowledge of your products, process and customer requirements.

Seminar Materials

Student manual and workbook with case study.

Seminar Goals

  • Describe the systematic group of activities that define the FMEA process.
  • Recognize and evaluate potential failures of a product or process.
  • Describe and quantify the severity of the effects of failures.

Seminar Outline

  • Defining the purpose and scope of an FMEA.
  • When and Why do we have to do an FMEA?
  • The mechanics of the standard format.
  • Who does this and who is responsible?
  • Objectives of the Design and Process FMEAs.
  • Defining the failure.
  • Which is the failure mode and which is the effect?
  • Determining the Risk Priority Numbers.
  • Are we done yet? Management Review.

Course Sequence: APQPEXOV


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