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With tight budgets and volumes of rapidly changing information that has to be absorbed by mobile workforces, companies are looking for additional ways to create and sustain organizational knowledge. With the rapid increase in corporate and personal access to high-speed internet connections and a younger workforce that has grown up using computers and playing video games, e-Learning has become a very cost effective and efficient training method.

E-Learning courses allow students to explore interactive simulations that can test various scenarios on the screen, making the training much more realistic and understandable than typical classroom training. These repeatable simulations also provide privacy for the student from all but the instructor, so that a student can feel free to repeat sections and to try different simulations without any fear of looking foolish in front of his or her peers.

E-Learning has become a very effective training tool that can reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of a number of training courses. It is not a panacea, and it will never replace traditional training methods in all situations, but e-Learning is another way to produce sustained learning, and most organizations should have it included in their training mix.

Advantages of e-Learning

Benefits to the business

  • Significant reduction or elimination of costs associated with instructor fees and materials.
  • Reduction of learning time and the amount of time employees are away from their jobs.
  • Increased retention by users and enhanced hands-on application to the job over traditional training methods.
  • Instruction and progress are managed within the framework of a company web portal.
  • Short videos or hands-on exercises offer practice and assessment activities designed to confirm that a learner has mastered the performance objectives of the course or lesson.
  • A user's progress is automated and can be monitored by or shared with one's supervisor.
  • Interactivity engages users, pushing them rather than pulling them through training.

Benefits to the learner

  • Advanced learners may choose to speed through a course and bypass instruction that is redundant.
  • Beginners or slower learners may determine their own pace and progress, eliminating frustration with themselves, their fellow learners, and the subject matter.
  • Knowledge is cumulative; lessons build upon one another and may be taken in any order.
  • Anytime-anywhere learning can greatly increase knowledge retention.
  • Learners may also view or print simple, one-page "quick start" Job Aids that have step-by-step procedures and graphic workflow charts illustrating tasks to be performed.
  • Testing is self-paced.

Payback on Investment

Cost Savings. It can be very expensive for companies to bring their subject matter experts into the classroom, especially when it requires multiple training sessions/locations and a high frequency training schedule. By using the time of the subject matter experts to create content that can be developed into e-Learning modules enables the training to be conducted wherever and whenever convenient, but frees the subject matter experts up to continue with producing value for the organization.

In fact, when the courses are properly chosen for e-Learning success, there is little doubt that e-Learning offers considerable cost-savings over traditional methods of instruction and produce equal or greater learning results. One very large IT company has saved some $200 million per year on the cost of training its employees worldwide by switching to e-Learning for the most widely needed and time-critical courses. Another large firm saved close to $80 million by providing the majority of their new hire training into neatly packaged and highly interactive online courses. These large savings are produced by greatly reducing travel costs, less time off from work for the new employees, better deployment of time for the subject matter experts and these savings were achieved without the loss of any effectiveness in the training, as the training scores were as high, if not higher, in over 90% of the students.

SCORM Compliance

The goals of Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant e-Learning are to have reusable, scalable and shared course content that increases student retention and comprehension and decreases in cost and time. Omnex can implement SCORM 1.2 standardization and "SCO-RTE1+Mandatory" conformance level.

To learn more: Contact us at info@omnex.com.

About Omnex Solutions

Omnex Solutions has the depth of experience to help create a web-based e-Learning application that meets your training objectives. Omnex's creative and programming team have developed many websites and e-Learning applications that are usable, scalable, and can be easily updated by internal staff members. Our experience includes large and small sites; secure integrated web-based applications, quality and manufacturing industry projects, database content management sites, and more, all using a wide spectrum of technologies.

We avoid a short-term mentality, placing great value on our client relationships and long-term partnerships. Because of our proven project process and ongoing investment in product development infrastructure, we are able to deliver projects quickly and cost-effectively. We are easily distinguished from strictly technology shops by our business analysis, marketing, content, and graphic design strength. All of these specialties are infused with a depth of knowledge about how best to make use of the web and its possibilities.

Omnex's approximately 75 employees are devoted to project management, business analysis, software development, technical consulting, creative graphic design, content writing and marketing services, and network and systems support. Omnex's award-winning in-house creative team has 75+ years of combined experience in website usability and design, corporate identity and branding, marketing communications, writing and editorial support, and graphic design. We offer 24x7 technical support from our technical help desk.

Flexible Work Style

Each Omnex project team knows how to work with client staff effectively. The team works closely with your staff to fully understand all issues and deliver a highly effective solution on time and within budget. Face-to-face meetings and work sessions are important to the success of this project.

Web-based Project Collaboration

In addition to face-to-face meetings, a password-protected project management and collaboration website will be created, allowing all participants to access project status, a beta testing website, site architecture and design comps, schedules, a message bulletin board, and contact information for all Omnex and team members. This secure site facilitates keeping multiple team members in the loop to see and review development progress, in a way that's convenient to their schedules and locations. It significantly reduces meeting and travel time and expenses, allowing us to leverage more time for creativity and implementation.

Service Commitment to Clients and Measurements Used

Omnex's service commitment to our clients is to deliver a quality product that meets client requirements, on time and on budget. Our track record of completed projects demonstrates our reliability, and our high percentage of repeat engagements further demonstrates it. All of our projects are managed by professional project managers, and changes to client requirements are controlled by change orders. Our proven project lifecycle methodology requires client approval at each milestone stage. We offer 24/7 pager support and a full 30-day warranty against bugs in our delivered software.

Omnex Solutions is recognized for its expertise in partnering with companies to enhance and extend their business strategies through their website presence. Omnex provides full-service web consulting, including Internet strategy, e-business consulting, complete creative services including writing, graphic design, and marketing services, project management, technology and systems integration, and customer helpdesk.


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