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Understanding the SPC Quick Start Guide (CQI 25)

Seminar Content

This one-day hands-on seminar of CQI-25 is intended to give attendees the basics in Statistical Process Control (SPC) and raise their subject matter knowledge to a proficiency level.

This course will illustrate the purpose of SPC and the key necessities for the application of SPC. The topics included are SPC pre-requisites, the most common control charts, control and improvement, and potential warning signs for further investigation.

Who Should Attend

Team members that are not advanced practitioners of SPC but are focused on learning the basics to assist in preparation, implementation, and maintenance of processes usingSPC.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Basic aptitude in math, awareness of SPC as a process improvement technique, and different types of variations that can occur.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual and a workbook including all team breakout exercises.

Seminar Goals

  • Understand the building blocks of SPC.
  • Provide examples and lessons learned for use in the hands-on application.
  • Learn the fundamental tools and methods of SPC
  • Understand the terminology and definitions used by SPC practitioners

Seminar Outline

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to SPC
    • Section 1: Measurement System Robustness
    • Section 2: Sample Data Collection Scheme
    • Section 3: Ability to React in Realtime
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Control Charts
    • Statistical Control
    • Types of Control Charts
    • Basic Control Chart Elements
    • Breakout Exercise 1: Analyzing Data
  • Chapter 3: Basic Control Charts
    • Chart
    • Variable Data
    • Attribute Data
    • Breakout Exercise 2: Plotting Data
    • Breakout Exercise 3: Control Limits for Control Charts
  • Chapter 4: Further Investigation Signs
    • Process Variation
    • Control vs. Capability
    • Normal Distribution
    • Common Out-of-Detection Rules
    • Patterns that Signal Out-of-Control
    • Breakout Exercise 4: Interpreting Control Charts

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