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WP 29, VDA CSMS and ISO/DIS 21434 - Automotive Product Cybersecurity

Automotive cybersecurity provides end-to-end security that is built around the paradigm of defense-in-depth, a core pillar of the cybersecurity concept. Every part of the system must be carefully inspected and verified for secrity threats. Cybersecurity has become an essential component for both the supply chain segment and OEMs.

Connected vehicles are on the rise and more connectivity poses a greater threat to security. Cybersecurity is a huge concern for automakers and OEMs are no longer relying on suppliers to resolve their security concerns, they are instead opting for other viable solutions. The automotive industry is facing huge cybersecurity challenges, especially as they move towards a more specific electrical and autonomous vehicle realm. Though the concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing an important role in new product development, the cybersecurity concerns involving these technologies still looms at large

The automotive world is currently undergoing fundamental changes emphasizing the development and deployment of electrical vehicles (EVs) and automated vehicles (AVs). The most fundamental design requirements for EVs and AVs include safety and cybersecurity. In order to mitigate security risks and provide better design, making use of cybersecurity concepts in the automotive industry is of paramount importance. SAE J3061 and ISO/SAE 21434 define and guide how to keep Autonomous Cars and Electric Cars safe from potentially being hacked. The industry is making use of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to proactively monitor the challenges of vehicle cybersecurity and prioritize ways to curb associated risks. The industry is also trying to approach cybersecurity professionals and firms for balanced and robust security solutions.

The UNECE developed global regulations on Automotive Cybersecurity called UN 29. This regulation will be inspected in the OEM who in turn have to ensure it is followed in their supply bases. Implementing UN 29 will require implementation of ISO 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems.

The VDA (German Automaker Association) developed an Automotive Cyber security management systems audit based on UN 29 for the Automotive Supply base.

See Omnex training for ISO 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity, UN 29 and VDA CSMS requirements.

WP 29, VDA CSMS and ISO 21434 - Automotive Product Cybersecurity

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