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AQuA Pro Workshop

Seminar Content

Workshop on AQuA Pro software using computer systems to allow users to gain advanced knowledge of the software. Participants will then be able to use the system more productively.

Who Should Attend

Major users of AQuA Pro software in a company and AQuA3 administrator.


AQuA Pro basic training or equivalent basic knowledge about AQuA Pro. (For self-evaluation please refer to AQuA Pro basic training outline.)

Seminar Goals

  • Review document customization
  • Learn to use templates and process lists
  • Learn to perform routine maintenance tasks
  • Learn to use module
  • Learn to set up security for the user group
  • Learn to implement AQuAView and AQuA Show

Seminar Outline

  • Develop one set of company process documents
  • Reviewing customizing documents
  • Templates and process lists
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Optional modules
  • Security
  • AQuAView and AQuA Show

Course Sequence: AQuA3WS


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