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HR Pro® is the software for advancing employee productivity and gauging human performance. It is the ultimate software for companies in the identification of training needs. The personal development plans and employee progress analysis give HR personnel an edge in dealing with employee issues. You’ll see why HR Pro® is the most effective tool on the market for tracking employee performance and meeting employee requirements.

Organization Chart

Allows you to create new positions at any level of the organizational structure and assign a reporting structure to all positions. Multi-level reporting structures are also available.

Personal Development Plan

Assign goals and objectives from Corporate, BU or Plant to the entities within the organization. Set personal development plans tied to the organization and/or departmental objectives. Tie personnel appraisals to internal company metrics. Align the organization to company and organizational goals and objectives

Set Employee Competencies

  • Set organizational competencies by title and deploy organizational wide
  • Integrate competencies into personal appraisal to ensure competencies are evaluated
  • Assign improvement actions to employees who “need improvement” and ensure their improvement is evaluated

Manage Company Training

  • Create yearly organizational wide training plans based on manager, employee and HR input
  • Provide training internally or with third parties
  • Track training completion and administer pre and post training evaluation to ensure competency
  • Track employee training records
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