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Continual improvement

BOSS® or Business Operating System Software® enables companies to apply a logical order to everyday data. Generally, companies are data-rich and analysis-poor. When the data available is overlooked, it is difficult to formulate solutions and maximize a company’s full potential. BOSS® provides the data for problem solving and decision analysis and shows it in easy-to-read formats.


Allows companies to align customer expectations to key processes, leading to improvement:

  • Tracks measurable for compliance to customer needs, thereby encouraging continuous improvements
  • Handles customer satisfaction and continuous improvement requirements of management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, QS-9000, etc.
  • Handles the data for management review and improvement team meetings
  • Facilitates data collection and analysis of company key measurable and process measurable.
  • Creates action plans and sends email notifications

Key Features

  • Visual Analysis like Trend Charts, Pareto Diagrams, 8D
  • Summaries, Paynter Charts, Four-Panel Charts, and others
  • Competitor Bench Marking
  • Meeting Manager
  • Create and Manage Improvement Proposals
  • Alignment Chart and Customer Expectation Matrix
  • Vision / Mission / Values and Quality Policy
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