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Creating Integrated Value: Beyond CSR and CSV to CIV
Wayne Visser and Chad Kymal paper on Environmental Responsibility Practices (Topic), SRPN: Sustainable Business (Topic) and Strategy & Social Policies eJournal.‎ Makes SSRN top ten list. (Click here to download this whitepaper.)

Move from FMEA 3rd to 4th Editions
Beginning November 1, 2008, the Chrysler, Ford, and GM, Failure Mode Effects Analysis Reference Manual, 4th edition, available from AIAG, will supersede the 3rd edition. (Click here to read this whitepaper.)

Excelerated Six Sigma Training
Excelerated Six Sigma is a great tool for an organization that is mature in its Quality Tools implementation. If the organization has used MSA, SPC, and Disciplined Problem Solving, our experience has shown that the training time can be dramatically reduced by over half of the 20 days. As in all Six Sigma projects, the implementation is spread across four weeks, but now there is more time for Master Black Belt coaching. See the article for a case study and 12 key implementation checks for success. (Click here to read this whitepaper).

Breakaway Lean - 50/50/20 in Six Months
What does 50/50/20 mean? It means that an organization practicing Omnex's new Breakaway Lean approach can achieve a 50% reduction in inventory, a 50% increase in throughput and a 20% reduction in operational cost in six months. Using our Lean Roadmap, Value Stream Mapping, and proven Lean techniques, we can help your company achieve major savings. (Click here to read this whitepaper).

QMS Sourcing : Outsourcing the Quality Management System - By David A. Lalain - President, Omnex Quality Culture, LLC
Your company, like many others, has no doubt discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of outsourcing. The focus has been on non-core functions and economies of scale but the range of outsourcing has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering, call centers and many more areas. The newest offering in outsourcing is just beginning and involves the company's Quality Management System. (More...)

EPA EMS Position Paper (United States Environmental Protection Agency Position Statement on Environmental Management Systems (EMSs))
In recent years organizations have increasingly adopted formal Environmental Management Systems (EMSs). The most common framework for an EMS is plan-do-check-act, with the goal of continual improvement. (More...)


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