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Omnex Webinar - Product Development FMEAs for Design Engineers - March 15, 2006 (16 MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
This webinar discusses how to identify design and process problems early in their product launch and thus reduce launch failures and their resulting scrap costs. This is done by effectively using the Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) in the Product Development Process, with product technology knowledge and to support concurrent engineering.

Omnex Webinar - Strategic Lean Six Sigma: Receiving Results That Are Most Important to Your Business - February 15, 2006 (7MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
This webinar discusses how Lean/Six Sigma can help your teams deliver a far greater return on investment and achieve deeper executive support much sooner in each initiative.

Omnex Systems Webinar - Managing Audits Globally Using Best Practices - October 29, 2005 (12 MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
How can audits and audit management be managed in organizations with multiple plants? Use of audit management software and audit performance templates are often the keys to success.

Omnex Webinar "Value Stream Mapping as the Gateway to Dramatic Savings" - September 15, 2005 (12 MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)

Value Stream Mapping takes into account the entire Value Stream from customer order (information, communication, documentation flows) through to delivery of the product or service. In this webinar, discusses the purpose of the Value Stream map and important features of Current and Future State maps.

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Omnex Systems Webinar "Management Systems, Operating Systems" - August 9, 2005 (11.5 MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
Process mapping is crucial to continual improvement, with up to 90% of all quality problems being process-related, not people-related. Mr. Gruska explains the best techniques and solutions for the proper implementation of value-added business management.

Omnex Webinar "ISO/TS 16949:2009 Auditing Challenges" - July 19, 2005 (12MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
Chad Kymal addresses TS audit planning, integration of standards, conducting the Automotive Approach to Process Audits and auditing Customer Specific Requirements of the Big Three Automakers. The webinar also touches on readiness review checklist and Stage 2 audit checklists.

Omnex Webinar "ISO/TS 16949:2009 Implementation" - June 8, 2005 (12MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
Chad Kymal addresses the reasons why ISO/TS 16949:2009 has become significantly more challenging in 2005 vs. 2004, including Process Focus, Requirements, Customer Specifics, and Core Tools.

Omnex Systems Webinar, "How Broke Is My Process?" - April 20, 2005 (10MB Webex File) (Get WebEx Player)
Greg Gruska discusses how a knowledge management approach satisfies ISO's continual improvement requirements while advancing your organization along the path toward performance excellence and minimizing the non-value added activities.

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