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Articles on Quality
Articles on Quality

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Case Study for External Failure Analysis
In this article, find out what Omnex did to reduce a process lead time from 105 days to 6 days. Find out how Omnex eliminated a $7,802/month overtime cost in Company X's Failure Analysis Lab. Through a three step plan and new Product Line Teams, Company X realized big savings and renewed faith from its customers. (Read more by clicking here...)

Layered Process Audits Take Center Stage
(From the Omnex Navigator Newsletter, Spring 2005)

Now a prerequisite for DaimlerChrysler's PSO approval and GM's QSB requirement, suppliers are taking notice of this new technique. The Omnex process focuses on the plant floor where cross functional teams of specialists, operators, supervisors and others work together to find the problems and implement the solutions. Omnex teaches this technique using a performance-packed workshop approach. (Read more by clicking here...)

IAF Guidance Document for ISO 14001:2004 Transition Released
The IAF published a document to aid in the transition from ISO 14001:1996 to ISO 14001:2004. (Click here to download a copy of the PDF.)

APQP Software: Not Just for Document Creation - By Greg Gruska, ASQ Fellow
Historically, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) software has been purchased by quality managers to reduce the time spent creating APQP related documentation. (More...)

Beyond Six Sigma - By Arun Kumar, Vice President of Omnex Asia
Six Sigma is now acknowledged as a business prerogative, and not just a technique "to improve quality in manufacturing". (More...)

Sourcing in Asia Operational Due Diligence to Ensure Success - Article by Dave Watkins
One can hardly pick up a business journal or turn to a business-oriented cable news channel without being confronted with the fact of business globalization. Whether the objective. (Read more by clicking here...)

IATF's ISO/TS 16949:2009 Rules Update - By Chad Kymal (as printed in the December 2004 edition of Quality Digest)
The International Automotive Task Force's second edition rules were recently updated in response to a number of factors having to do with the IATF audit scheme, registrar office and witness audits, and IATF training feedback. (More...)

International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA) Criteria for the Certification of Quality Management System Auditors
IATCA Criteria lay down the standard criteria which all members of IATCA undertake to adhere to in the operation of their auditor certification and / or training course approval programs. (More...)

Quality Management Systems Implementation Roadmap
Development and Implementation of documented management system to appropriate International and Industry-specific standards (More...)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-Registrar Accreditation Board (RABQSA) Issue
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials and various state environmental regulatory agency officials have requested that sites or organizations holding an ANSI-RABQSA NAP certification certificate for ISO 14001 be assessed to Clause 4.3.2 of ISO 14001 with regard to the National Environmental Performance Track program (NEPT) and/or various state voluntary programs to which the site or organization might subscribe. Environmental Protection Agency - Registrar Accreditation Board Issue-9 (More...)

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