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Articles on Quality
Articles on Quality

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ISO/TS 16949 Audits - How Effective Are They? - Chad Kymal (This article appeared in the February 2006 issue of Qualitymagazine 2007, BNP Media). It is shown here by permission.
This article from Quality magazine discusses how the need for better auditors in the automotive industry led to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and the latest auditor competency criteria from the IATF. (Click here to download this 2.5MB PDF file.)

Reflections on the Future of Quality - Dave Watkins (This article appeared in the January 2006 issue of Quality Progress 2007, ASQ). It is shown here by permission.
This article from Quality Progress discusses how quality management systems lag behind evolving concepts of organizational excellence. The focus must move from 'quality' to 'excellence' and from products & services to the enterprise. (Click here to download this 737KB PDF)

Conducting Effective ISO/TS 16949:2009 Audits - Advanced Auditing - Chad Kymal
Author of a new book on ISO/TS 16949:2009 Audits, Chad Kymal explains what's wrong with TS internal audits and how the new competency criteria from the IATF can bring about the needed changes. (More...)

An Integrated Management Model for Sustainable Excellence - Greg Gruska
Quality Guru Greg Gruska shares how sustainable excellence is constantly evolving as technologies, people, industries and understanding change. How can and organization using sustainable performance excellence techniques adapt to changing times and needs? (More...)

Release of New PPAP and SPC Editions
What are the highlights of these new editions, and how can you find out about them quickly and easily? Why, Webinars of course. Discover how Omnex got the word out quickly on these updates during Fall 2005. (More...)

Zero Defects in Manufacturing and Design
The Zero Defects movement of today is very different from the "zero defects" movement in the 1980s, where it was just a buzzword to motivate top management. Today, the requirements of business and customers are more demanding. What was accepted earlier as good quality is increasingly unacceptable today. (More...)

Keys to the Quality Tool Box - Don Cherry
In this article from Fall 2005, find out how an Enterprise-wide Quality Management System can direct your company's quality function in all the right directions. (More...)

'Leaning' the Organization
By using a combination of techniques borrowed from the Toyota Production Systems and a unique American twist, US companies gave birth to the five day Kaizen, PICOS, or the Lean Workshop. In this article find out how this kind of workshop helped organizations make double digit improvements in floor space, productivity, lead time, and inventory. (More...)

Key Changes in ISO 14001:2004 - By Chad Kymal
ISO 14001:1996 registered companies will be audited to ISO 14001:2004 starting May 15, 2005, and ISO 14001:1996 will expire on May 15, 2006.Omnex is on top of the latest changes in ISO 14001, and in this article Mr. Kymal highlights all the major changes and impacts in 18 clauses of the new standard. The next EMS audit could be an eye-opener unless you are prepared. (Read more by clicking here...)

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