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Gregory F. Gruska, President, The Third Generation, Inc. and Donald Cherry, Director Marketing, Omnex Systems

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About the authors

Greg Gruska

Mr. Gruska, a Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), is presently the President of The Third Generation, Inc., the COO of Omnex Systems and a principal consultant in performance excellence and Six Sigma Master Blackbelt for Omnex Engineering and Management, Inc.

Mr. Gruska had been associated with Dr. W. E. Deming and has assisted in the Transformation of Management since 1981. He has personally assisted large and small companies in North America and Europe in this transformation including the development and implementation of strategy, benchmarking, process control planning, and customer satisfaction. Further, he has worked with companies in the preparation of internal or external assessment utilizing criteria such as QS-9000, ISO/TS 16949, Total Quality Excellence, and MBNQA and has helped organizations using Six Sigma performance improvement strategies.

He directed and was the primary resource for the development and initial implementations of Comprehensive Process Control Planning ((CP)2). This approach provides a structure for the logical determination and implementation of process controls within an environment of continuous improvement. Following the precepts taught by Dr W. E. Deming, (CP)2 enables an organization to establish what is needed to control its processes and then integrate these plans within the normal operations. The Ford Motor Company, Transmission and Chassis Division, pioneered its use with the launch of the transaxle used in the Taurus/Sable vehicles. This structure enabled the plant to achieve Best-In-Class status for this transmission within the first year of production and subsequently to continue to improve its quality and productivity.

Prior to joining Omnex, Mr. Gruska managed the Quality Engineering Activity at Chevrolet. This group provided benchmarking, quality engineering and statistical support to all divisional and corporate activities and their suppliers. Besides the application of statistics within the design, manufacturing, and support environments, this group was active in the development of new technologies and training in these areas. Mr. Gruska additional served as a Divisional and Corporate consultant in Statistical Engineering and Management. He has traveled extensively in assisting engineering, financial, and support staffs and manufacturing plants in the investigation and solution of problems affecting quality and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Gruska has been involved in the development of theory and software and authored many papers in the areas of non-normal and multivariate sampling and data analysis, quality management, measurement systems analysis, inspector effectiveness and statistical process control. He is the author of Theory D which discusses the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and is the editor and principal author of Comprehensive Process Control Planning -(CP)2. He is also the co-author of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award ﷓The Yardstick for Quality Growth, available through Addison-Wesley. Mr. Gruska is also an active/writing member of the QS-MSA and QS-SPC Manual subcommittees of the American Automotive industrys Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force which is part of the international task force governing TS-16949.

Mr. Gruska is an adjunct professor at Madonna University. He has advanced degrees in mathematics and engineering from the University of Detroit, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. He was the Deming Memorial Lecturer at the Sheffield Hallam University for the year 2000.

Mr. Gruska is a charter member of the Greater Detroit Deming Study Group and the W. E. Deming Institute. He is a ASQ certified Quality Engineer, a licensed Professional Engineer (CA - Quality) and a member of the Board of Examiners of and Judge for the Michigan Quality Leadership Award (1994-2003).

Don Cherry

Mr. Cherry is an executive sales professional and is currently the Director of Sales for Omnex Systems, LLC.

Mr. Cherry brings over 18 years of professional sales and marketing experience in the applications software industry to the Omnex team. Prior to joining Omnex Systems, Mr. Cherry had worked for multiple fortune 500 organizations including General Electric and International Business Machines and has also held executive positions within the technology industry including, Executive Vice President/Principle, Apex Technologies and CEO of WPC Inc.

Mr. Cherry has secured a broad range of technical software projects in multiple industries including; Automotive, Finance, Insurance and Healthcare. He also has managed key software implementations for a wide variety of organizations including the Ford Motor Company, the University of Michigan, the University of Minnesota, New York/New England Telephone, and Adventist Health Care. He holds a BA in Economics from Wayne State University.

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