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A Consultancy With a Uniquely Contrasting Vision...

Omnex provides leading Quality Management and Performance Enhancement consulting and training to an extensive array of both service and manufacturing sectors. These specialty sectors encompass the aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, health care distribution, semiconductor, shipping, transportation and other industries. We have a close-knit practice, but with an extraordinary range of capabilities. Omnex identifies the strategies and process goals that directly impact your bottom line.

Helping Businesses Work at Their Full Potential

Omnex is used to leading the way in management systems implementation. From the beginning, Omnex has believed that the real reason behind quality standards implementation is not just the certificate, but a lean, confident and robust organization. And many of the standards and methodologies out there now suggest that Omnex was correct. Companies don't document and audit their systems to simply meet the requirements of their registrar but to achieve success. Success is achieved by recognizing the importance of quality, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction in any business. Omnex can prepare a Quality Management System or Business Operating System that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

Integrated Approach

The message that we can radically improve quality and business performance at the same time through the use of an integrated approach has spread. Omnex's approach to business systems integrates the best of several different standards and methodologies in tailor-made systems that allow clients to achieve registration and business goals. We believe that executive management's understanding of this integrated approach is essential to effective implementation and business management.

Working With You

We help companies evaluate their needs and recognize opportunities for improvement. Our work begins by developing an understanding of your organization, operations, customers, stake holders and competitive environment. Omnex typically conducts an assessment which culminates in an improvement plan. After your company's executive team evaluates our plan, implementation begins. Omnex works with your company's top management to select teams which we can then train to implement the new policy. We then use business and quality systems methodologies and tools to put the improvement plan in place.

We conduct our business with a real concern for the bottom line. For each approach, we have a defined process, detailed deliverables and program management tools to ensure that plans are timely and effectively brought to reality.

Omnex consultants plan the work and work the plan with clear-cut strategies and process goals in mind. Our select group of management experts and quality professionals maintains an earnest commitment to forging solid client relations. But we also believe that the quality of our service speaks for itself.

Omnexs services cover the following quality system categories

  • ISO 9000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009 Implementation
  • QOS Implementation and Improvement
  • APQP Implementation (DVP & R, FMEA, Control Plan, PPAP, APQP Status Rating)
  • Automotive Service Company System Implementation (QOS, Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plan, SPC, Problem Solving Global 8D)
  • Teams Implementation (Team Problem Solving, Global 8D and Team Facilitation)
  • Analysis and Control of variation (Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments) Six Sigma

Omnex offers you all the help you need through consultancy and training. Our approach to assist your company in the implementation of Quality System consist of 2 phases

Consultancy Phase I

Finalize Implementation Plan

  • Train management in Quality System Executive Overview
  • Developing an action plan which can be used as a milestone in establishing the quality management system that meet standard and customer requirements.

Gap Analysis

  • Evaluating the documentation and operational system and identify non-conformance against the selected Quality System Standard.
  • Compiling of a written report identifying non-conformance and providing recommendations for corrective action

Training Core Teams

Awareness Training Best-in-class in Business and Quality System.

Develop Business/Quality System Documentation

The major task in this phase is to develop a level I documented quality system.

Consultancy Phase II

  • Plan and Develop Training Plan
  • Implementation and Documentation training

Develop Quality System Documentation

The major task in this phase is to develop a level II, III, and IV quality system documentation

  • Stage 1: With the assistance of our consulting team, senior management convenes a meeting with the heads of departments to initiate the implementation of the quality system.
  • Stage 2: The first edition of the standard operation procedures, work instructions and quality records are distributed to related departments of implementation.

Internal Auditing Training

Training internal auditors to audit and look for the objective evidence in each element of quality system requirements using the Omnexs audit trail approach , and how to write an audit report.

Initiate Internal Audits

After a familiarization period with the program in use, a series of internal audits will be carried out to review and evaluate the quality system.

Finishing Audit

The purpose of this phase is to determine the readiness for certification of the company. The audit will be carried out to the quality management system of the company. If there are any non-conformances against the selected business/quality system requirements, corrective actions will be taken accordingly.


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