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Training and Workshops Overview

Software Estimation

Seminar/Course Content

One day Course on Software Estimation techniques helps to carry out effort and schedule estimation with the help of certain estimation models at each phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Who Should Attend/Target

Project Managers, Project Leaders, Quality Assurance Managers, General Managers, Process Implementation Team Members, Software Engineering Group

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Understanding of Project Management practices

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual including case studies

Seminar Goals

  • The Basic Concepts of Effort and Schedule Estimation
  • Process for Effort and Schedule Estimation
  • Effort and Schedule Estimation Models (COCOMO,Delphi Wide BAND)

Seminar Outline

Size Estimation

  • Estimation Fundamentals Current Scenario, Estimation Challenges, Estimation Model Elements, Estimation Process Overview
  • Function Point Analysis Introduction
  • Software Definition from a Functional Perspective
  • Application Boundary Definition, How to identify
  • Data Element Type (DET) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • Record Element Type (RET) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • Elementary Process Types Data in Motion, Data at Rest
  • External Inputs (EI) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • Derived Data
  • External Outputs (EO) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • External Inquiries (EQ) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • Internal Logical File (ILF) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • External Interface File (EIF) Definition, Examples, How to identify
  • Function Point Counting Process
  • Ranking Process
  • Unadjusted Function Point Count (UFP)
  • General System Characteristics (GSC)
  • Value Adjustment Factor (VAF)
  • Function Point Count
  • Deriving effort and cost estimates
  • Other Size Estimation Techniques Mark II FPA, COCOMO, COCOMO II, Delphi Wide Band Estimation
  • Benefits of FP
  • Comparison of FP with other sizing techniques
  • When not to use FPA
  • Factors influencing estimates
  • Summary

Course Sequence TTA TP03

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