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Integrating Quality Improvement into Strategic Planning - KSA Model

Setting up Quality Improvement processes is an easy task, however, integrating these processes into the day-to-day activities requires effective implementation through dedicated leadership, empowered employees, healthy business culture, and above all, effective strategic plan embraced by the management as well as the desired performance. It will help the organization to avoid surprises. An effective integrated strategic planning should avoid blind-reaction for every rapidly changing world businesses with its many universal quality tools and techniques.

Organizations who started the journey of continuous quality management have learned many lessons. Many organizations in the industrial countries are changing their views on "Quality" from a limited defined function towards a larger scheme that integrated "Quality" into their strategies at each organization level.

Integration of quality into an organization requires an initiative centered on the customers focus, quality planning, training, teamwork and cross-functional collaboration, employees participation, innovation, and leadership. However, the majority of organizations implementing quality improvement processes, have no checklist or action plan that will ensure success. For these organization, the most accepted method of integrating quality into their business is to simultaneously employ of-the-shelf quality tools, techniques and training throughout the organization.

In the paper that was presented at the Forum, a case study on how one of the largest companies in the Arabian Gulf region with cultural diversity, had established its "Quality Improvement" program was demonstrated. How had this company overcome initial failures and started to reap striking benefits during the implementation stage of this program. The case study discussed how both the TQM approach and the Reengineering process were combined into the strategic planning to achieve remarkable quality improvements. The paper, then, outlined the results of the program and noted surprises.

The case study was, put forward to design a sustained performance excellence through a tailored business model, and strategic plan for the public sector of Saudi Arabia.


Many of Today's organizations are heavily involved in quality improvement programs. Their goals include performance excellence, improving productivity and efficiency, decreasing cost and schedule, and increasing market share and customer satisfaction. Once the programs implemented, they often face unanticipated obstacles. For short term, or when implemented for specific process, they look excellent, but for the long term or when implemented for all processes, they fail.

It should be noted, however, that the most important issue of any quality improvement program on strategy is that it addresses the organization unique needs, covers all variables that influence performance, and it is sustained long enough to achieve the objectives.


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